Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania

Project start date: 2008-07 Project end date: 2009-06
This is the republication of a volume of almost 1,000 inscriptions (almost all in Latin) of the Roman period from Tripolitania (Libya): the original volume was published in 1952, but with very little illustration, and very sketchy maps. This re-edition makes no alterations to the academic content. The new elements are that it includes photographs of almost all the texts, and it maps the data onto the map of Libya in Google Maps or Google Earth. It also includes new English translations of all the texts - very important for a resource which will not just sit on a library shelf, but be available wherever the world wide web can be accessed.
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2d scanningPractice-led research
2d scanning and photographyData capture
Audio-visual interaction (synchronous)Communication and collaboration
CollatingData analysis
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
GPS and total station surveysData capture
IndexingData analysis
LemmatisationData structuring and enhancement
PhotographyPractice-led research
PrototypingStrategy and project management
Searching and queryingData analysis
Text encoding - descriptiveData structuring and enhancement
Text encoding - presentationalData structuring and enhancement
Textual interaction (asynchronous)Communication and collaboration
Textual interaction (synchronous)Communication and collaboration
Use of existing digital dataData capture
Version controlStrategy and project management
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Cambridge University, Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), NEH, Private sponsors, The Leverhulme Trust
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Some 1000 inscriptions are held in various meseum collection, mostly in Libya but also Italy, Austria, Turkey, and Britain. The primary source for this project was the 1952 printed volume (and supplementary article from 1954), of which this is an enhanced re-publication.
Digital resource created:  
Online publication of some 1000 Latin and Greek inscriptions, along with rich indices, multiple tables of contents, supporting materials and illustrations, new translations, a semantically aware search engine and rich digital maps using the Google API.
Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania, by J. M. Reynolds and J. B. Ward-Perkins, enhanced electronic reissue by Gabriel Bodard and Charlotte Roueché (2009). ISBN 978-1-897747-23-3. Available:

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King's College London
University of Cambridge
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British School at Rome
New York University

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Principal staff member:Joyce Reynolds,Charlotte Roueché,Gabriel Bodard,Hafed Walda
Other staff:Computing officer(s) / Technical supporter(s), PhD student(s), Postdoctoral researcher(s) / Research assistant(s)
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