James Mill's common place books

Project start date: 2008-10
A three-year Collaborative Doctoral Award to transcribe and digitally publish James Mill's common place books, currently held in the archive of the London Library. The project is also researching James Mill's intellectual history, particularly the period of his close relationship with Jeremy Bentham (1808-1832). Because Mill was raised and educated in Scotland, there is also a significant Scottish Enlightenment context to the project.
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Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
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  • MySQL
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Digital edition is based on a transcription by Robert A. Fenn of James Mill's four common place books located in the London Library. The books were bequeathed to the Library by John Stuart Mill in January 1872. The transcription has been made up into XML.
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Open Access
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Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

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University of Sussex
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The London Library

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Principal staff member:Kristopher Grint
Other staff:PhD student(s)
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