The Letters of Bess of Hardwick

Project start date: 2008-04 Project end date: 2012-02
Elizabeth, countess of Shrewsbury (c.1522-1608), known as ‘Bess of Hardwick’, is one of Elizabethan England most famous figures. She is renowned for her reputation as an indomitable matriarch and dynast and perhaps best known as the builder of great stately homes like the magnificent Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House. The story of her life as told to date takes little account of her more than 230 letters. The aim of the project is to make these letters accessible by producing a searchable, interactive online edition of all ca. 230 letters written to and from Bess of Hardwick. The Letters of Bess of Hardwick Online will go live, freely and openly available to all, in summer 2011. The website will be accompanied by publications, online resources and podcasts which will introduce, comment upon and offer analyses of the letters.
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There are in the region of 230 letters extant to and from Bess of Hardwick (with ca. 80 written by Bess herself), scattered across 15 different archival repositories in the UK and US. They span a period of almost 60 years, from the 1550s to 1608. The diplomatic editions of the letters reproduce and discuss material features and peculiarities of the letters faithfully; the normalised versions standardise the text and layout for straightforward access to the letters' contents.
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The project produces online editions (normalised and diplomatic transcriptions with print-friendly versions) of these letters, complete with a fully searchable database catalogue and accompanying online materials for the historical background of the materials and their contents. Some letters will be accompanied by photographic reproductions of the manuscripts in the form of high resolution images.
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