Mapping the city in film: a geo-historical analysis

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Methods usedCategory
2d scanning and photographyData capture
Cataloguing and indexingData structuring and enhancement
CollatingData analysis
Content-based image retrievalData analysis
Content-based sound retrievalData analysis
Disk publishingData publishing and dissemination
DocumentationStrategy and project management
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
Geo-referencing and projectionData structuring and enhancement
Moving image capturePractice-led research
Moving image captureData capture
PhotographyPractice-led research
Searching and queryingData analysis
Sound editingPractice-led research
Sound editingData structuring and enhancement
Sound recordingPractice-led research
Sound recordingData capture
Spatial data analysisData analysis
Streaming mediaData publishing and dissemination
Use of existing digital dataData capture
Video and moving image compressionPractice-led research
Video and moving image compressionData structuring and enhancement
Video editingPractice-led research
Video editingData structuring and enhancement
Video post productionPractice-led research
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UK HE institutions involved:
University of Liverpool

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Author(s) of recordJulia Hallam
TitleMapping the city in film: a geo-historical analysis
Record created2010-10-01
Record updated2010-10-01 11:26
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Citation of recordJulia Hallam: Mapping the city in film: a geo-historical analysis. <> created: 2010-10-01, last updated 2010-10-01 11:26

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