The Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the Theatre of Pompey

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Methods usedCategory
2d modelling - vectorData structuring and enhancement
2d scanning and photographyData capture
3d modelling - interactiveData structuring and enhancement
3d modelling - vectorPractice-led research
3d modelling - vectorData structuring and enhancement
3d scanningPractice-led research
3d scanningData capture
AnimationPractice-led research
AnimationData structuring and enhancement
Data miningData analysis
Graphical renderingData structuring and enhancement
Heads-up digitising and interactive tracingData capture
Image enhancementData structuring and enhancement
Image feature measurementData analysis
Image restorationData structuring and enhancement
Image segmentationData analysis
Manual input and transcriptionData capture
Motion captureData capture
Moving image capturePractice-led research
Moving image captureData capture
OverlayingData analysis
PhotogrammetryData structuring and enhancement
Remote sensingData capture
Searching and queryingData analysis
Spatial data analysisData analysis
Statistical analysisData analysis
Text recognitionData capture
Use of existing digital dataData capture
Video and moving image compressionPractice-led research
Video and moving image compressionData structuring and enhancement
Video editingPractice-led research
Video editingData structuring and enhancement
VisualisationData analysis
Funding sources: 
Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), British Academy, National Endowment for the Humanities (USA), Northwestern University, Private sponsors, The Leverhulme Trust, University of Warwick
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Metadata standards employed: 
Dublin Core, simple (DC)

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UK HE institutions involved:
King's College London
University of Warwick

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TitleThe Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the Theatre of Pompey
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