Staging Exile, Migration and Diaspora in Hispanic Theatre and Performance Cultures

Project start date: 2007-11 Project end date: 2010-03
The project focuses on Spanish Republican Exile (SRE) theatre and performance, aiming to recover, represent and help to preserve the full range of representation of the experience of exile in theatrical and performance texts and paratexts (histories, memoirs, reviews, criticism, photographs and audiovisual recordings), by contributing to the creation, updating and maintenance of the Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile's bibliographical database and stand-alone web resource on SRE, and by bringing together key researchers on Spanish Exile Theatre and Performance in a series of panels within the conference on 'Geographies of Exile' to be held at the University of Birmingham in 2008, in order to publish an edited volume on 'Stages of Exile'. The Exile Remains database was created as part of a British-Academy project led by Professor Francis Lough, to provide an open access interactive searchable resource on Spanish Republican Exile culture. Researchers working on the 'Staging Exile' project have contributed entries on the biographies, works, reception and trajectories of 80+ dramatists, musicians and practitioners, including time-lines, google maps, full bibliographical data and records of performances.
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The database draws on a wider variety of sources on Spanish Republican exile theatre and performance, including edited volumes, histories, journals, dissertations, memoirs and archives and records of works and performances.
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A bibliographic database of theatrical and performance texts and paratexts (histories, memoirs, reviews, criticism, photographs) relating to exiled Spanish Republicans from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries.
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Open Access
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Helena Buffery, "Ecologias del exilio: paisaje, identidad y representacion en el teatro del exilio republicano. In El exilio: debate para la historia y la cultura, ed. José Angel Ascunce. Donostia: Saturraran, 2008, 135-148.

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Samuel Llano, "Roberto Gerhard's Romeo and Juliet (1947) and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre." In Proceedings of the First International Roberto Gerhard Conference. Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield, 2010.

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