Project start date: 2010-06 Project end date: 2011-04
Strandlines Digital Community is a King’s College London initiative that explores one of London’s most famous streets, the Strand, and its past and present communities. The project brings together local residents, workers and visitors by means of storytelling. Using digital technologies and techniques from life writing – a creative field concerned with personal life stories – it seeks to foster a more active sense of community in the Strand area.
Methods usedCategory
2d scanning and photographyData capture
Accessibility analysisStrategy and project management
DocumentationStrategy and project management
General project managementStrategy and project management
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
Human factors analysisStrategy and project management
Moving image captureData capture
Resource sharingCommunication and collaboration
Sound recordingData capture
Textual interaction (asynchronous)Communication and collaboration
Usability analysisStrategy and project management
Use of existing digital dataData capture
Funding sources: 
Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
Content types created: 
Software tools used: 
Source material used:  
Archival resources; audio recordings (interviews); film; photos; written stories from external communities
Digital resource created:  
Strandlines Digital Community website (which includes digitized images, stories, audio recordings and films)
Access to digital resource:  
Open Access
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Institutions affiliated with this project: 

UK HE institutions involved:
King's College London
Other institutions involved:
Age Concern Westminster
Westminster City Archives

Project staff and expertise: 

Principal staff member:Clare Brant, David Green, Lorna Hughes, Patricia Methven, Hope Wolf
Other staff:Computing officer(s) / Technical supporter(s), Postdoctoral researcher(s) / Research assistant(s)
External expertise:

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