Unlocking Historic Landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean

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This research will make a step towards unlocking the history of Mediterranean landscapes by the application of a proven methodology pioneered in British landscape studies. We will map and analyse the historic landscape of terraces, fields, lanes and rural settlements that are typical of the eastern Mediterranean, and attempt to understand them in their historical context. The long-term history of the eastern Mediterranean shows that there are many different ways similar landscapes and environments can be inhabited and structured. This project will make a detailed investigation of the historic landscape through comparative study of two differing rural landscapes. We will assess how shared or divergent traditions have emerged over the last 1500 years by examining the changing structure of the rural landscape in the medieval and post-medieval periods. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) provide a tool for combining and comparing diverse datasets such as orthorectified aerial photographs, satellite data, digital mapping, and data on settlement patterns. We will use Historic Landscape Characterisation, which provides a framework for integrated diachronic landscape histories that incorporate data from relevant historical and archaeological sources at a range of scales.
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Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
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GIS and database files with supporting documentation are downloadable from the AHDS site.
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