Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an editor for still images. It is equipped with a diverse range of processing tools, enabling users to create or modify content through the use of drawing tools, filters, or other plug-ins.

• Tightly integrated with other Adobe suite software
• Photoshop functionality can be extended by add-on programs called Photoshop plugins which act like mini-editors that modify the image.
• Can utilise the colour models RGB, lab, CMKY, Greyscale, binary bitmap and duotone.
• Reads and writes raster and vector image formats

Projects that have used this tool:
“The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland” project has used Adobe Photoshop to edit digital images in both TIFF and high JPG formats of Romanesque sculpture in Britain.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Methods relating to this toolCategory
2d graphic designPractice-led research
2d illustrationPractice-led research
2d modelling - rasterData structuring and enhancement
2d modelling - vectorData structuring and enhancement
2d scanning and photographyData capture
3d graphic designPractice-led research
3d modelling - interactiveData structuring and enhancement
3d modelling - vectorData structuring and enhancement
3d modelling - vectorPractice-led research
3d scanningPractice-led research
Graphical interaction (asynchronous)Communication and collaboration
Graphical renderingData structuring and enhancement
Image enhancementData structuring and enhancement
Image feature measurementData analysis
Image manipulationPractice-led research
Image restorationData structuring and enhancement
Image segmentationData analysis
PhotogrammetryData structuring and enhancement
PhotographyPractice-led research
PhotomontagePractice-led research
VisualisationData analysis
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Alternate tool(s):

GraphicConverter, 36-image converter

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