Pro Tools

Pro Tools is an audio creation and production software. With Pro Tools it is possible to compose, record, edit, and mix music or sound for picture — all within one system.

• over 70 groundbreaking virtual instruments, effects, and utility plug-ins
• over 8 GB of audio loops
• view, edit, arrange and print MIDI data as music notation
• Supports files up to 4 GB

Projects that have used this tool:
The “Activated Space: the transformation of internal spaces to become audible and interactive” project has used Pro tools to transfer Audio content and to encode Audio for 5.1 into Dolby Digital (AC3) at 640 kbps through SmartCode Pro.
Methods relating to this toolCategory
Audio mixingPractice-led research
Music recognitionData capture
Sound analysisData analysis
Sound compressionData structuring and enhancement
Sound editingData structuring and enhancement
Sound editingPractice-led research
Sound encodingData structuring and enhancement
Sound encoding - MIDIData structuring and enhancement
Sound generationData capture
Sound generationPractice-led research
Sound recordingData capture
Sound recordingPractice-led research
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Alternate tool(s):

Cubase, Reaper, Nuendo

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Other sound editing tools

Logic Pro is another sound editing tool that maybe more appropriate for certain situations.

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