Digital tools used in the arts and humanities

This is a catalogue of software tools used at different stages of the research lifecycle in the arts and humanities. The tools were selected from those used in research projects included in our database. We are constantly adding new tools.

Recently added/updated tools:


Exceed is a PC X server system which allows for graphical user interface (GUI) interactions with networked computers. Exceed provides data exchange among applications on different platforms including UNIX, Linux, VMS, X Window Based System and IBM mainframes.


A global geographical database that may be used to identify, tag and disambiguate all references to location. The database contains over 8 million entries, each of which possesses a geographic name (in various languages), latitude, longitude, elevation, population, administrative subdivision and postal codes and information on unique features.


GeoParser is a text analysis tool that may be used to identify, tag and (where appropriate) disambiguate references to geographic location in a text resource. The tool uses Natural Language Processing to analyse the composition of a resource and identifying words that match its geographic database. The approach is useful for processing ambiguous references, such as names that may have one of several locations (e.g. Belfast in Ireland, New Zealand and Canada) and distinguishing names that may be confused with other action (e.g. Reading in Berkshire and reading as an activity). GeoParser may be used with GeoCrossWalk to tag a place name with full geographical coordinates (e.g. an OS National Grid Reference).


MMax2 is a text annotation tool for creating and visualizing annotations. It has advanced and customizable methods for information and relation visualization.


A general-purpose high-level programming language that places an emphasis upon code readability. Python supports a number of development models, including object oriented, imperative, and functional design. It provides automatic memory management and a fully dynamic type system.