Digital tools used in the arts and humanities

This is a catalogue of software tools used at different stages of the research lifecycle in the arts and humanities. The tools were selected from those used in research projects included in our database. We are constantly adding new tools.

Recently added/updated tools:

Subversion Version System (SVN)

An open source version control system that is used to manage multiple versions of data objects in a controlled environment. Access and revision to objects are carefully controlled, to prevent unauthorised access and alteration.


MONK (Metadata Offer New Knowledge) is an online toolset created to assist humanities researchers with the discovery and analysis of patterns within a textual resource. It supports micro analyses of the verbal texture of an individual text and macro analyses of hundreds or thousands of text objects. Each text is converted to an TEI compliant schema using Abbot, normalised using Morphadorner with tokenization, sentence boundaries, standard spellings, parts of speech and lemmata and finally ingested using a Prior tool into a database that provides Java access methods for data extraction.

MONK is currently available in two variations: the first contains resources obtained from EEBO, ECCO and ProQuest 19th-Century Fiction and is available to faculty, staff, and students at CIC (Big Ten) universities only, while the second contains American literature only and is available to the wider public.


A software application used for creating and editing documents in XML and SGML.


A toolkit for use in the creation of document recognition applications. It may be used by developers to create image processing and recognition tools that are tailored to the requirements of specific communities and subject domains.


A software tool for the manipulation of audio recordings. Wavesurfer provides basic audio editing function, such as excision, copying, pasting, zero-crossing adjustment, and effects such as fading, normalization, echo, inversion, reversal, replacement with silence, and DC-removal.