Nottingham Trent University

project: Transnational Communities: towards a sense of belonging

Using both participatory action research and arts practice the project explored a sense of belonging, place and emplacement with four transnational communities who are defined as refugees/asylum seekers/undocumented people (in Derby, Leicester, Loughborough and Nottingham). The Long Journey Home artists in exile group based in Nottingham explored these themes and created a series of works for exhibition. Other regional universities supported us with; exhibition space, staff support, supporting artists and communities. [read more]

project: Mapping the transition from page to screen

This project facilitated examination and analysis of a unique body of material alongside a programme of experiential research involving a collaboration between Kate Pullinger, a print-based author keen to investigate the potential of electronic literature; Sue Thomas, originally a print-based author but now working in both media, and the trAce team of specialists. Pullinger's engagement with the project was a combination of training and support as she learned how to read and create works in the digital medium. [read more]

project: Human Machine Choreography: an exploration of the interfaces between the dancer and SMART technologies

The Human-Machine Choreography project was an interdisciplinary project involving the development of a six-legged walking machine using an anatomical exoskeleton apparatus that explores a novel hybrid human-machine system. The second stage of the project, sub-titled 'Anatomical Exoskeleton', further explores the creative possibilities for art and dance performance. [read more]

project: Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories

This is a study of militants, the networks they constructed and the trajectories they followed in Europe between 1965-75. It is a collective project, undertaken by 14 historians, 7 based in the UK, 7 outside. It is based on archival work and the collection of oral testimony from a sample of networks and activists involved in them in each country. [read more]

project: Digital Performance Archive

"The Digital Performance Archive (DPA) traces the rapid developments taking place which combine performance activity with new digital technologies - from live theatre and dance productions that incorporate digital projections, to performances that take place on the computer-screen via webcasts and interactive virtual environments. The Archive also collates examples of how computer technologies are being used to create, document or analyse performance - from software applications for choreography and theatre design to specialist websites, e-zines and CD-ROMs. [read more]

project: Live Art Archive

"The Live Art Archive holds information about existing Live Art / Performance Art materials, records and publications primarily in England and the UK. [read more]

project: The Perdita Project: Early modern women's manuscript compilations

The Perdita Project * is a collaborative project funded until 2005 by the AHRB in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University and Warwick University. * has produced an online guide to over 500 manuscript compilations in collections around the world. * is a research tool for historians and literary scholars. The Perdita Project, established in January 1997 by Nottingham Trent University, has purchased a microfilm collection of about 400 manuscripts compiled by women in the British Isles. [read more]
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