2d graphic design

The technique of using digital drawing software to render visual representations of two dimensional objects

job: Research Associate - Networked 3D Design Application for Museums, Petrie Museum

Job opportunity at the Petrie Museum: https://atsv7.wcn.co.uk/search_engine/jobs.cgi?b3duZXI9NTA0M...

Research Associate - Networked 3D Design Application for Museums, - Ref:1141523

UCL Department / Division, Museums and Collections,
Specific unit / Sub department
The Petrie Museum
Grade 7
Hours:Full Time
Salary: (inclusive of London allowance) £31,778-£38,441 per annum

Duties and Responsibilities [read more...]

tool: QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress desktop publishing software is commonly used to create page layouts for a variety of print publications such as books, newspapers, magazines, posters and brochures. Similar in function to InDesign, the main differences are Quark's unique features for exporting documents as interactive webpages as well as its widespread use by printers, typesetters and page designers.
Methods relating to this toolCategory
2d graphic designPractice-led research
2d modelling - rasterData structuring and enhancement
Collaborative publishingData publishing and dissemination
Desktop publishing and pre-pressData publishing and dissemination
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
Lifecycle stage:
Alternate tool(s):

Adobe InDesign

eventresources: 'Blue Skies and Singing Rings': Digital Technologies and Jewellery of the Future

Report from the Methods Network seminar hosted by David Humphrey (Royal College of Art) at The Dana Centre Studio, London, 26 October 2006. [read more...]

eventresources: Talking CGI

Report from the Methods Network seminar organized by Paul Wells as part of The Art of British CGI: Contemporary, Independent and Television Animation conference, Animation Academy, Loughborough University, 15 February 2007. [read more...]

eventresources: INTIMACY: Across Digital and Visceral Performance

Evaluation and reports from the Methods Network hybrid workshop/seminar activity, organized by Maria Chatzichristodoulou and Rachel Zerihan, Goldsmiths College, University of London (7, 8, 9 December 2007). [read more...]

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