2d Scanning and photography

project: Improving access to the British artists' film & video study collection

Part of the AHRB Centre for British Film and Television Studies, the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection concentrates on the history of artists' film and video in Britain. The British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection is a unique resource. It consists of a number of extensive collections of material with acquisitions from Arts Council of England, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Film and Video Umbrella and many individual artists. [read more]

project: Adolphe Appia at Hellerau: Virtual Reconstructions and performances

Using both photographs of historic settings and original designs, virtual reality models were created of Appia's "rhythmic spaces", and their lighting and other properties. Mixed reality performance technology was used to integrate both video footage and live action into these virtual settings. In addition, a highly detailed VR model of the Hellerau Festspielhaus, where some of Appia's designs were realised for innovative performance, was created. Then, using historic photographs, sets recorded in archive photos were placed into the great hall at Hellerau, and lit under various conditions. [read more]

project: British town maps, 1470-1895: a catalogue and cartographical analysis

The aim was to produce for England, Wales and Scotland a catalogue of the cartographic characteristics and topographic content of every manuscript and printed town map produced from 1470 (the first British town map) to 1895 (by which time publication of Ordnance Survey large-scale town maps was completed). The catalogue will constitute a definitive, permanent research tool for a wide range of historical research users. This last will contribute to the long-term conservation of these, often fragile, artefacts. [read more]

project: Medieval Petitions: A catalogue of the 'Ancient Petitions' in the Public Record Office

The series know as 'Ancient Petitions' in The National Archives: Public Record Office consists of 17,629 petitions presented to the English crown between the thirteenth and the fifteenth centuries, written in Anglo-Norman French, Latin and Middle English. [read more]

project: South Cadbury Environs Project

The project is a multiperiod survey of the landscape within a 64 sq km centred on the Iron Age and Post Roman hillfort of Cadbury Castle, Somerset. Sampling localities and transects cover approximately 11 sq km of the study area. The principal survey techniques have been gradiometry, test and shovel pitting, the first two applied uniformly over all target areas, the latter were soil conditions are suitable. [read more]

project: The Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the Theatre of Pompey

The first scientific study of Rome’s first permanent theatre. Comprehensive documentation of all surviving remains, supplemented by new limited excavation at specific points targeted by our initial analysis. Creation of a definitive series of site-plans, sections, elevations keyed to a complete photographic record, and measured drawings. We have prepared an extensive archaeological register recording the details of every known artefact discovered on the site of the theatre complex for the past five centuries. [read more]

project: Inscriptions of Aphrodisias project

The aim is to publish as many as possible of the Greek inscriptions from Aphrodisias in Caria online, in order both to provide far fuller documentation than a book allows, and to meet the problems of the dissemination of expensive publications. In so doing, we aim to develop and establish technological standards (using TEI compliant XML) which other epigraphers can use; we are trying to discuss the project with as many experts as possible, in the UK, US and Europe. We plan to develop protocols not only for the final presentation of material, but also for collaborative editing and work online [read more]

project: Recovering the Material and Visual Cultures of the Southern Sudan: A Museological Resource

The cultures of Southern Sudan have been central to anthropological research and teaching since the publication of Evans-Pritchard’s classic works on the Zande and Nuer in the 1930s and 1940s. A number of collections from Evans-Pritchard and other figures in the history of the study of the cultures of the Southern Sudan are represented in the collections of the University of Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum. [read more]
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