2d Scanning and photography

project: Leeds Poetry 1950-1980

Leeds University Library holds extensive archives (including original manuscripts, correspondence and tape-recordings) relating to poets working at or connected with the University between 1950 and 1980. As a whole, these resources bear witness to a vibrant regional literary culture centred on the University in the post-war period, and have much to offer scholars, historians, and readers of modern English poetry. For many years, the research value of the Leeds Poetry collections was constrained, largely as a result of deficiencies and inconsistencies in their cataloguing. [read more]

project: Ellen Terry and Edith Craig Database

This project will result in a fully searchable, web-based database catalogue which describes in detail the papers of the Victorian actress, Ellen Terry (1847-1928) and her daughter, the theatre director, Edith Craig (1869-1947). A descriptive catalogue will also be created from the database and will be published in book format. The papers recorded in this project are owned by the National Trust at Smallhythe Place, Tenterden, Kent, the former home of Ellen Terry. [read more]

project: Computer Art and Technocultures (CAT): evaluating the Patric Prince Collection in the Digital Age

The partners will examine the development of computer-based art from the late 1970s to the 1990s. The basis of our research will be the collection of artworks, publications and ephemera assembled by Patric Prince, an American art historian who comprehensively chronicled the nascent Computer Art scene. Project staff will document and evaluate the Patric Prince Collection’s contents, using it to establish a framework for understanding the medium in its art historical, cultural and technological context. [read more]

project: The lexis of cloth and clothing in Britain c. 700 - 1450: origins, identification, contexts and change

At the centre of the Project is the assembly and examination of textiles/clothing lexis in the early languages of Britain (Old and Middle English; Welsh, Old Irish, and minor Celtic languages; Anglo-Norman/French, Medieval Latin, Anglo-Norse), investigating the genesis and subsequent development of the vocabulary. The material will be published as a searchable database which is in effect an inter-language dictionary. Terms and their citations from both documentary and literary texts will be analysed in awareness of surviving textiles/dress accessories and graphic images in medieval art. [read more]

project: Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts, Online

Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online is a three-year (2006-2009) AHRC-funded Resource Enhancement Project, based in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge. We are constructing a digital archive of manuscript miscellanies and commonplace books from the period c. 1450-1720; our website will provide unrestricted public access to these images. [read more]

project: After Slavery: Race, Labour and Politics in the Post-Emancipation Carolinas

This project aims to demonstrate the utility of a materialist interpretive framework for exploring some of the most contentious issues in US Southern, labour and African-American history. In a vibrant, crowded field that has produced some of the most stimulating work of the past generation, historical scholarship stands at the threshold of a critical transformation. [read more]

eventresources: Digital Restoration for Damaged Documents

A Methods Network workshop organized and run by Julia Craig-McFeely, DIAMM, Royal Holloway, University of London (29 June 2006). [read more...]

eventresources: Theoretical Approaches to Virtual Representations of Past Environments

Report on the Methods Network seminar run by Kate Devlin, Goldsmiths College, University of London (7 March 2007).

Computer graphics has become a popular way of interpreting past environments, for educational and entertainment value, and also as an aid to research. The use of three-dimensional computer modelling to create an image of a site or artefact has become an accepted means of communicating cultural heritage information. [read more...]

eventresources: Large Scale Manuscript Digitization

Report from the workshop organized by Peter Robinson, Institute of Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing, Birmingham University, and Marilyn Deegan, Centre of Computing in the Humanities, King's College London (5 June 2006). [read more...]

eventresources: Virtual History and Archaeology

Report, abstracts and audio recordings from the Methods Network seminar, hosted by Mark Greengrass, Executive Director, Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield University.

This seminar brought together specialists in the application of ICT to the historical and archaeological domains. The programme focussed on three subjects: the past and virtual representation of place and time; the past and virtual representation of texts; the past and representation of objects and events.

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