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project: The Cairo Genizah manuscripts: Taylor-Schechter Old Series and the Mosseri Collection

The project aims to complete the cataloguing and detailed description of the Old Series of the Taylor-Schechter Cairo Genizah Collection and a substantial proportion of the Jacques Mosseri Genizah Collection. The T-S Collection consists of approx. 193,000 medieval (and early modern) Jewish manuscripts recovered from a storeroom (Genizah) in Old Cairo one hundred years ago, and is an unparalleled resource for the study of medieval Judaism, Islam and the history of the Mediterranean and Near East in the Middle Ages. The Old Series is the historical core of the Collection, and approx. [read more]

project: Breaking through rock art recording: three dimensional laser scanning of megalithic rock art

The project Breaking through rock art recording was led by Dr Diaz-Andreu(Durham University). It aims to test the novel technique of 3D laser scanning for the recording of prehistoric rock carvings. The main objectives were to assess the reliability, accuracy and precision of this technique for recording purposes and to evaluate its capacity to discover new carved motifs invisible to the naked eye. [read more]

event: Non-contact 3D laser scanning as a tool to aid identification and interpretation of archaeological artefacts

16/07/2010 16:30

Digital Classicist and Institute of Classical Studies Seminar 2010

Non-contact 3D laser scanning as a tool to aid identification and interpretation of archaeological artefacts: the case of a Middle Bronze Age Hittite Dice

Annemarie La Pensée (National Conservation Centre) and Françoise Rutland (World Museum Liverpool)

http://www.digitalclassicist.org/wip/wip2010-06al.html [read more...]


Senate House room STB9, Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU
United Kingdom

project: E-Curator: 3D colour scans for remote object identification and assessment

The E-Curator research project "3D colour scans for remote object identification and assessment" is a project at UCL Museums and Collections. This project draws on UCL's expertise both in curatorship and in e-Science. It takes advantage of the presence at UCL of world class collections across a range of disciplines and of a state of the art colour scanner, the quality of which is unequalled in the UK. [read more]

event: 3D Body Scanning Technologies 2010

19/10/2010 08:30
20/10/2010 17:30

This conference aims to fill an existing gap and fulfill the demand for an international conference focused on the specific fields of 3D human body scanning and 3D human body measurement.
In the last two decades, 3D scanning technologies developed in other industrial sectors were successfully applied to the measurement and scanning of the human body. Methods and techniques are continuously ameliorated, more efficient and performing scanning systems are produced every year and new software tools are developed unceasingly. [read more...]


Convention Center

centre: Digital Design Studio (DDS)

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Host institution: 
Glasgow School of Art
About the centre:

The Digital Design Studio (DDS) is a postgraduate research and commercial centre of Glasgow School of Art. Its intense learning and research environment exploits the interface between science, technology and the arts to explore imaginative and novel uses of advanced 3D digital visualisation and interaction technologies. Research activity at the DDS is underpinned by one and two year masters degrees and a growing PhD community. The DDS is dedicated to developing ways in which people can engage and interact with data and emerging digital visualisation systems.

event: Life cycle of a digital object. Hands-on experience from laser scanning to visualization and 3D printing


Following UCL’s conference on 3D Colour Laser Scanning in March 2008 we are planning a 2-day workshop exploring the lifecyle of a digital object. [read more...]


London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom

event: Digital Classicist Seminar: Roman Spolia in 3D: High Resolution Leica 3D Laser-scanner meets ancient building structures

17/07/2009 16:30

The spolia of the ancient Septizonium at Rome have been used as construction material in various buildings and monuments of the Roman topography. [read more...]


British Library, 96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DW
United Kingdom

Digital Classicist / ICS Work in Progress Seminars

The Digital Classicist and the ICD are inviting both students and established researchers involved in the application of the digital humanities to the study of the ancient world to come and introduce [read more...]

blog: Call for Papers: Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture

Editors Brent Nelson (University of Saskatchewan) and Melissa Terras (University College London) invite submissions for a collection of essays on "Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture" to be published in the New Technologies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies Series edited by Ray Siemens and William Bowen. [read more...]

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