Cataloguing and indexing

project: HESTIA

HESTIA provides a new approach towards conceptions of space in the ancient world, supported by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Combining a variety of different methods, it examines the ways in which space is represented in Herodotus' History, in terms of places mentioned and geographic features described. [read more]

project: East London Theatre Archive (ELTA)

The East London Theatre Archive provides online access to resources of music hall and variety theatres in London's East End during the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. Around 15,000 items are digitised and described, with supporting material commissioned to provide historical context. Resources come from the collections of V&A Theatre Collections, University of East London and parter organisations. The Centre for e-Research has created a repository to preserve the digital objects over time, and a bespoke website to allow access to the entire resource by researchers and the general public. [read more]

project: Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900) (Electronic Database of Historical Materials on Copyright from Five Key Jurisdictions)

Information norms (and in particular the laws of intellectual property) are constitutive of modern societies. An understanding of the sources of these norms is critical to understanding the scope and direction of current laws. The resource relates to key historical documents in the field of copyright, from the invention of the printing press (ca1450) to the blue print of an international author rights regime devised with the Berne Convention of 1886. [read more]

project: The John Johnson Collection: an Archive of Printed Ephemera

The project catalogued, conserved and digitised an extensive selection of materials from the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera housed in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. It represented an innovative joint enterprise between the Bodleian Library and ProQuest which resulted in the digitisation of more than 65,000 complete items (well in excess of 150,000 images) from the Collection, accompanied by detailed catalogue records. [read more]

project: Person Data Repository of the 19th Century

The project “Construction of a repository for biographical data on historical persons of the 19th century” – short form: Person Data Repository – enhances the existing approaches to data integration and electronically supported research in biographies. It investigates connecting and presenting heterogeneous information on persons of the “long nineteenth century” (1789–1914). The project's aim is to provide a de-central software system for research institutions, universities, archives, and libraries that allows combined access on biographic information from different data pools. [read more]

job: Two digital library positions, State Library Munich, Germany

Application Deadline: 

If you speak German, the following two posts may be of interest to you:

Die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek besetzt zum 01.03.2010 in der Abteilung Verbundzentrale des Bibliotheksverbunds Bayern (BVB) ein Arbeitsverhältnis für die Mitarbeit in der Virtuellen Bibliothek Bayern (Entgeltgruppe TV-L E 13) in Vollzeit (40 Std./Woche), zunächst befristet bis zum 29.02.2011, mit der Möglichkeit der Verlängerung.

Die Stelle umfasst folgende Aufgaben

- Entwicklung, Implementierung und Integration von Applikationen
- Strukturierung von Daten [read more...]

project: Online Chopin Variorum Edition (OCVE)

OCVE began as an eighteen-month pilot study, from May 2003 to October 2004. Its aim was to explore the potential of technology to trascend the limitations of a traditional printed variorum edition. The research exploited emerging technical capacities for text/image comparison as well as recent musicological advances in cognate projects such as Chopin's First Editions Online and the Annotated catalogue of Chopin's First Editions (Cambridge University Press, 2007). [read more]

project: JainPedia

JainPedia will be a free world-leading resource on the web. It offers translations and transcriptions of selected texts and a wealth of contextual information about the Jain religion and its host society in India. The JainPedia team is leading the digitisation of approximately 4,000 pages of the thousands of jain manuscripts and Jain objects in the United Kingdom. The involvement of eminent academics and volunteers from the Jain community in the project highlights how the expertise and enthusiasm of different groups can work together to produce a valuable resource for all. [read more]
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