Content analysis

biblio: An overview of content analysis

Stemler, S., "An overview of content analysis", Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, vol. 7, issue 17, 2001.

Intimacy Performance - The Seal of Confession

This is Martina who performed the one to one encounter The Seal of Confession on Saturday at the Albany Theatre between 4 and 7 pm.

I am wondering whether anyone who has seen the piece is interested in giving their constructive feedback on their perception of the approach to Intimacy taken.

All the Best

event: Annotating Image Archives To Support Literary Research


A workshop organized by Omer Rana, University of Cardiff.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers within literary studies (particularly those focusing on nineteenth-century literature and illustrations), and members of the computer science community focusing on Semantic Web and CBIR technologies: [read more...]

event: Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature


Organized and run by Martin Wynne, Oxford Text Archive, Oxford University.

The workshop aimed to disseminate advanced methods in linguistic analysis using linguistic corpora to researchers in literary studies. [read more...]

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