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event: IHR Seminar in Digital History: Magnus Huber (Giessen) 'The Old Bailey Corpus: Spoken English in the 18th and 19th Centuries'

20/02/2012 17:12
21/02/2012 21:00

Venue: ST276 (Stewart House, second floor) and streamed live on the web at

Time: Tuesday, 21 February, 5.15 pm GMT

Magnus Huber (Giessen)

'The Old Bailey Corpus: Spoken English in the 18th and 19th Centuries'

Magnus Huber will be discussing the use of historical court records in the investigation of langauge change. A full abstract can be found below.


The 'Proceedings of the Old Bailey', London's central criminal court, were
published between 1674 and 1913 and constitute a large body of texts from [read more...]

tool: MMax2

MMax2 is a text annotation tool for creating and visualizing annotations. It has advanced and customizable methods for information and relation visualization.
Methods relating to this toolCategory
Collaborative publishingData publishing and dissemination
Content analysisData analysis
DocumentationStrategy and project management
PreservationStrategy and project management
Searching and queryingData analysis
Text encoding - descriptiveData structuring and enhancement
Text encoding - referentialData structuring and enhancement
Text recognitionData capture
Textual interaction (asynchronous)Communication and collaboration
Texture design and mappingPractice-led research
User contributed contentData publishing and dissemination
VisualisationData analysis
Lifecycle stage:
Alternate tool(s):

NXT (NITE XML), Annotate

blog: Corpus Linguistics - new horizons, next steps

Svenja Adolphs from the University of Nottingham presented "Corpus, Context and Ubiquitous Computing", an exciting look towards expanding the horizons of corpus linguisics. [read more...]

Corpus Linguistics - the state of the art

Among numerous specialist workshops and colloquia on the opening day, 'Corpus linguistics and literature' gave researchers an opportunity to report on their latest findings and the state of the art in [read more...]

blog: Corpus Linguistics 2009

Corpus Linguistics takes place every two years, and has become established as the biggest conference in the field, with the widest geographical participation and the widest scope of languages under in [read more...]

event: Corpus Linguistics 2009

20/07/2009 09:00
23/07/2009 17:00

Following the Corpus Linguistics Conferences at Lancaster and Birmingham, Corpus Linguistics 2009 is being held at the University of Liverpool. [read more...]


University of Liverpool
United Kingdom

event: Mediated reading across the nation seminar

22/01/2009 17:30

A seminar led by Anouk Lang (University of Birmingham) as part of the London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship series at Stewart House, School of Advanced Study, Institute for English Studies, University of London. [read more...]

eventresources: Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature

Report from the Methods Network workshop organized by the Oxford Text Archive, Oxford University, 17-18 May 2006

The workshop aimed to disseminate advanced methods in linguistic analysis using linguistic corpora to researchers in literary studies. [read more...]

biblio: Corpus Concordance Collocation

Sinclair, J., Corpus Concordance Collocation, , Oxford, Oxford University Press, pp. 197, 1991.

Wmatrix, text mining and corpus linguistics, history

Paul Rayson, the developer of Wmatrix, and I are currently discussing corpus linguistics, text mining tools, their application in the field of history and tools development - you are invited to have a look at the discussion or join us in the new Wmatrix user group forum:

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