event: CeRch seminar, 28th Feb: Building an Ontology of Creativity

28/02/2012 18:15

Creativity is a complex and multi-dimensional concept that encompasses
many related aspects, abilities, properties and behaviours and can be
viewed from many different perspectives. Difficulties in identifying a
comprehensive, widely-accepted definition of creativity have hindered
progress in computational creativity research as researchers have no
baseline to evaluate against or standards to aim towards. An important,
related issue is that of defining creativity in a machine-readable
format, such that a computational creativity system has a sufficient [read more...]


Anatomy Theatre, Kings College London
United Kingdom

centre: Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH)

About the centre:

CRASSH was founded in 2001, with the aim of creating a new focus for disciplinary innovation and, in particular, interdisciplinary dialogues across the full spectrum of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2011, the Centre will move into a purpose-built new building on the University's main Humanities site. We support the work of scholars at all career levels, from graduate researchers onwards, and encourage interaction across those levels. CRASSH is now known nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for such work.

event: ICCC X - First International Conference on Computational Creativity


Although it seems clear that creativity plays an important role in developing intelligent computational systems, it is less clear how to model, simulate, or evaluate creativity in such systems. [read more...]



event: CREATE 2009 :: innovative interactions :: Covent Garden, London :: 1 – 2 July

01/07/2009 09:00
02/07/2009 18:00

CREATE 2009 is a 2-day conference about creating innovative interactions, whether digital consumer products, interactive services or interaction paradigms. A conference where the emphasis is on sharing the wealth of creative ideas we have developed in order to resolve problems, create new capabilities, or new functions, and where the aim is to evolve further creative designs that can make a difference to people.

Programme [read more...]


Southhampton Street Covent Garden
London WC2E 7HA
United Kingdom



Everyday Creativity: Shared Languages and Collective Action at Berkeley Art Museum, CA, USA.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Professor of Psychology & Management,
Claremont Graduate University, USA
JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Director, Allosphere Research Laboratory,
California Nanosystems Institute, USA [read more...]


Discussions arising from the ICTs and the Research Process in the Creative and Performing Arts workshop

This post is for discussions arising from the the ICTs and the Research Process in the Creative and Performing Arts workshop, held at Glasgow University on the 24th October 2008. Content and opinions will be added here after the workshop.

The notes used to frame the discussions are available from the link under Attachments, below.

event: Lansdown Lecture: Creative Play, the Sodaplay way

16/04/2008 16:50
16/04/2008 17:50

Ed Burton reflects on his experience of creating the BAFTA award winning virtual construction toy Sodaconstructor.

He presents it in the context of an emerging body of Software Artwork enquiring into play and creativity as Dynamical Systems.

About the speaker [read more...]

blog: Call for exhibits closing 12 March: CREATE 2008 Design Showcase

Call for exhibits: CREATE 2008 Design Showcase

Call for exhibition proposals

You are invited to submit recent and current projects now (by Wednesday 12th March) for an exhibition to be held in conjunction with this year's CREATE 2008 Conference.
+ New designs for digital consumer products
+ Interactive services
+ Interaction paradigms

Download the form
The form can be found here:

What we are looking for [read more...]

event: Product Designing Network 4: Creativity

17/12/2007 11:00
17/12/2007 17:00

Workshop led by Alex Milton and Craig Whittet, University of Glasgow. [read more...]

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