event: Curating, Craft, and New Technologies Symposium

23/09/2010 09:30
24/09/2010 13:30

The Crafts Council’s annual Craft Curators’ Forum is a networking event and an opportunity to discuss key issues relating to work in the sector.

This year this annual event will address the theme of Curating, Craft & New Technologies.

We are seeing exciting and innovative new work being created as an increased number of makers; designers and artists explore digital and new technologies in their practice. New technologies are also permeating the museum environment and influencing the way objects are displayed and interpreted, forming new relationships between object and viewer. [read more...]

event: Computers and the History of Art (CHArt) 2010


*** Computers and the History of Art (CHArt) ***

CHArt 26th Annual Conference

Wednesday 10 - Thursday 11 November 2010
London, The British Computer Society, First Floor, Davidson Building, 5
Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA

In recent decades the traditional practices of Art History have come
increasingly under attack. This has led to changes so extreme that some have
talked of the 'death of Art History'.

The CHArt 2010 Conference will explore the role of digital technologies in the [read more...]


The British Computer Society
5 Southampton Street
London WC2E 7HA
United Kingdom

event: TESLA@UCL_SPECIAL] Artist, Curator and Lecturer Barbara Steveni: Beyond the Acid Free

24/03/2010 18:00

Barbara Steveni conceived and co-founded the Artist Placement Group (APG), in London in 1966. Steveni’s innovative concept, based on a more holistic and intuitive view of Art than was current at the time, would take another 20 years to enter the mainstream. APG, later renamed O+I, acted as the precursor to current notions of ‘Artist in Residence’ and Public Art programmes. [read more...]


Gower Street University College London (UCL), Garwood Lecture Theatre
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
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