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job: Digital Artist Consultant at Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM)

Digital Artist Consultant for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter (RAMM)

RAMM wishes to appoint an energetic and highly motivated Digital Artist Consultant to identify a digital artist to work on a commission as part of its redevelopment and as part of New Expressions II programme.

New Expressions II is in its second year of funding, and is a regional programme to create meaningful engagements between contemporary artists, museum collections and audiences. [read more...]

biblio: Painting the Digital River:how an artist learned to love the computer

James, F. W., "Painting the Digital River:how an artist learned to love the computer", n.a., 1, vol. n.a., no. n.a., (publisher) Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J., U.S.A., pp. 320, 2006.

This book is about art, written from an artist's point of view. It also is about computers, written from the perspective of a painter who uses them. Painting the Digital River is James Faure Walker's personal odyssey from the traditional art scene to fresh horizons, from hand to digital painting--and sometimes back again. It is a literate and witty attempt to make sense of the introduction of computer tools into the creation of art, to understand the issues and the fuss, to appreciate the people involved and the work they produce, to know the promise of the new media, as well as the risks. [read more...]

job: Full-time PhD studentship in electronic arts, London

Studentship in Electronic Arts - deadline 18 June

Middlesex University is funding a full-time PhD studentship in the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts.

A list of suggested research themes is here:

Application Process

Applicants should submit:
a completed application form (available from this page:
a full CV
a covering letter with details of 2 academic referees

event: Preservation of New Media Art and Performance: group discussion

23/02/2010 10:30
23/02/2010 16:00

Small group discussion amongst invited participants to consider the challenges of successful preservation of new media art, digital art, and performance. We aimed to consider firstly the current situation in practice, thought and funding in this area in the UK, and then go on to identify opportunites for further research and concomitant funding.

A summary of the day's discussion is attached.

We hope to continue this conversation amongst new media art, digital art and performance practitioners, artists, researchers, collectors, curators and funders. [read more...]


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