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biblio: Killer Applications in Digital Humanities

Juola, P., "Killer Applications in Digital Humanities", Literary and Linguistic Computing, vol. 23, issue 1: Oxford Journals, pp. 73-83, 04/2008.

forum: Discussing Digital Humanities 2009

This thread has been set up as a place to discuss and blog about the Digital Humanities conference at the University of Maryland (22-25 June 2009). [read more...]

European History Primary Sources officially launched

I would like to draw attention to the following press announcement for a new internet portal:

Florence, 8 June 2009  [read more...]

Social approaches within the Digital Humanities (Projects)

We have just started a new group on with a focus upon social approaches or 'web 2' within the Digital Humanities. [read more...]

Is academia ready for Web 2.0?

This report produced by JISC last year may be of interest. [read more...]

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