event: Digital Transformations of Research and Styles of Knowing

17/01/2012 18:15

In recent years, large-scale research programmes have been implemented across the globe with labels like e-Science, e-Infrastructure and cyberinfrastructure (Meyer and Schroeder 2009). It has been argued that these various digital transformations have fundamentally changed how research is done. In this paper, we challenge this argument, and suggest instead that there are more specific changes in particular areas of research that have taken place. [read more...]


Anatomy Museum
The Strand 6th Floor, King's Building King's College London, Strand Campus
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

event: Semantic MediaWiki: a practical workshop

26/09/2011 15:30
26/09/2011 17:00

In association with Judaica Europeana and the British Library

Part of a day event entitled 'Semantic MediaWiki: A tool for collaborative databases' led by New York City-based developer Yaron Koren. [read more...]


The Anatomy Theatre & Museum
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

event: Alliance for Permanent Access (APA) - Conference

22/11/2010 09:00
22/11/2010 17:30

The members of the Alliance for Permanent Access (APA) would like to invite you to the APA conference in Helsinki on Monday 22nd November 2010.

The theme of the 2010 annual Conference is Scalable infrastructures for digital preservation. [read more...]



event: NEERI 2010 - Networking Event for the European Research Infrastructures


The goal of NEERI2010 is to exchange ideas on a number of topics relevant for research infrastructures and to clear common grounds on the further development and application of these topics. NEERI focuses on what we share and what we can learn from each other. Examples of such commonalities are architectural issues, communication with users and integration of services and tools. [read more...]


Technical University of Vienna Vienna

event: eHumanities - How does computer science benefit?

30/09/2010 09:00
30/09/2010 17:30

Organiser: Prof. Gerhard Heyer and Marco Büchler (Natural Language Processing / CS, University of Leipzig)

The workshop is compiled NOT only by presentations of computer scientists BUT researchers from humanities and infrastructure as well. HUMANISTS ARE VERY WELCOME!!!

Conference Sept. 27th - Oct. 1st, 2010
eHumanities workshop: Thursday Sept. 30th.

Registration details:
**Early bird registration: July 30th, 2010**
Registration page: http://www.informatik2010.de/480.html

Workshop description: [read more...]



event: Workshop: uptake of e-Infrastructure services in the arts and humanities

05/09/2010 13:00
05/09/2010 16:45

Organisers: Lorna Hughes, King’s College London, Rob Procter, University of Manchester

5th September 2010, room AA103 DRHA Conference, Brunel University

Background [read more...]

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