event: The Collaborations Workshop 2012


The Collaborations Workshop 2012 (CW12) gets researchers and software developers working together to solve research problems. If you’re a researcher who wants to make more of software, or a developer who wants to work with researchers, the workshop is the perfect opportunity to meet new collaborators.


To register for the Collaborations Workshop, visit the registration website:
http://www.epay.ed.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modi... [read more...]


Queen's College, University of Oxford
United Kingdom

event: Digital Transformations of Research and Styles of Knowing

17/01/2012 18:15

In recent years, large-scale research programmes have been implemented across the globe with labels like e-Science, e-Infrastructure and cyberinfrastructure (Meyer and Schroeder 2009). It has been argued that these various digital transformations have fundamentally changed how research is done. In this paper, we challenge this argument, and suggest instead that there are more specific changes in particular areas of research that have taken place. [read more...]


Anatomy Museum
The Strand 6th Floor, King's Building King's College London, Strand Campus
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

event: The Judaica Europeana Haskala (Jewish Enlightenment) database

26/09/2011 18:00
26/09/2011 19:00

In association with Judaica Europeana and the British Library

This is the second part of a day event entitled 'Semantic MediaWiki: A tool for collaborative databases' led by New York City-based developer Yaron Koren. [read more...]


The Anatomy Theatre & Museum
London WC2R 2LS
United Kingdom

Centre for e-Research (CeRch) Seminar Series

A wide-ranging programme of events organised every term by CeRch. Seminars are held fortnightly during term time and start at 18:15.

The series provides a venue for discussion and engagement of all areas of e-Research, defined broadly as the design and development of computational methods and technologies, especially where they interact with a range of other fields. [read more...]

event: 39th conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology - CAA2011


The 39th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, "Revive the Past", will be held in Beijing, China, April 12-16, 2011.

The conference aim to bring together scholars from various backgrounds and continents, and to explore innovative technologies to help us access, investigate and visualize the culture heritage.

Important Dates:
2010-9-15: Deadline for proposals for sessions, round tables, and workshops.
2010-11-15: Deadline for paper abstract submission.
2011-4-12~16: Conference Days.




job: VRE researcher/developer, University of Chester

The University of Chester is seeking to appoint a part-time fixed term researcher/developer to work on the construction of a virtual research environment in the field of Francophone African & Diaspora Studies. The researcher will work closely with the interdisciplinary Francophone African Research Group and the University's IT team to construct a research platform accommodating a range of research initiatives focusing on francophone Africa, the francophone Caribbean and their diasporas. [read more...]

event: Qualitative GIS: emerging issues and possible futures


Qualitative GIS is an emerging, mixed-method and interdisciplinary research approach that is attracting interest across a range of disciplines. The early literature has highlighted the innovative nature of the Qualitative GIS approach to combining ‘qualitative’ and ‘quantitative’ spatial data and encouraging multiple epistemological approaches to spatial research. The emerging body of Qualitative GIS research calls for further methodological, theoretical and empirical development of this research approach. [read more...]


United Kingdom

job: JISC ICT Programme Managers

The JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) are recruiting ICT programme managers for five key areas: Information Environment, Digital Libraries, e-Research, e-Learning and Shared Services & Systems. The posts are offered on fixed-term contracts for up to one year: Applications from those interested in undertaking a role on a secondment basis will be considered. The posts can be based either at the University of Bristol or King’s College London, although the e-Learning post will be Bristol based. [read more...]

event: Modelling Social Interaction and environments: advanced techniques for the Arts and Social Sciences

21/04/2010 09:30
21/04/2010 14:00

This half-day workshop for researchers in the arts and social sciences will highlight some of the opportunities now available through the use of networks and advanced digital technologies for research. Sponsored by JISC, in collaboration with the training team at the National e-Science Centre (NeSC), it is one of a series of roadshow events for researchers and research support staff who are not currently using e-research tools or e-infrastructure services but would like to know how to get started. [read more...]


Library Conference Room, University of East Anglia
United Kingdom

Ensuring Perpetual Access: establishing a federated strategy on perpetual access and hosting of electronic resources for Germany

The study Ensuring Perpetual Access: establishing a federated strategy on perpetual access and hosting of electronic resources for Germany is now available in English from:


The study was commissioned by the Alliance of German Science Organisations to help develop a strategy to address the challenges of perpetual access and hosting of electronic resources. It was requested to focus primarily on commercial e-journals and retro-digitised material. [read more...]

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