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event: International Federation of Surveyors Workshop


International Federation of Surveyors Commission 2 and the University of East London, jointly to organise a Workshop on the Trends in Surveying Education and Training.

* Venue: University of East London, United Kingdom
* Date: 26-28 August 2010

Registration fees before 17 May 2010 costs £160

Registration after 17 May 2010 will cost £190

This will include lunches, welcome dinner and coffee breaks.

Target group: [read more...]


University of East London
United Kingdom

eventresources: Space/Time: Methods in Geospatial Computing for Mapping the Past

Report from the Methods Network workgroup organized by Stuart Dunn, AHeSSC, King's College London at the e-Science Institute, Edinburgh (23 - 24 July 2007). [read more...]

event: Space as an artefact: understanding past perceptions and uses of space

10/08/2007 16:30
10/08/2007 18:30

Digital Classicist/Institute of Classical Studies Work in Progress Seminar, Summer 2007

Stuart Dunn (King's College London) [read more...]

briefingpaper: Digital Tools for Archaeology

The use of computers in archaeology has a lengthy history and practitioners within the discipline can claim, with some justification, that both the technology they use and the methods that they’ve adopted have more of a relationship to scientific practice (including computer science) than those adopted by colleagues in man [read more...]

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