blog: London Churches, Part 5

"A tall thin old man comes backwards slowly and carefully through the glass door, carrying a metal stepladder in one hand, and in the other a small pot of paint and a small brush. With an air of methodical tidiness, he leans the stepladder against the front of a left-hand stall, stands the pot of paint next to it, places the small brush sideways across the exact centre of the top of the pot."

The fifth part of a hyperfiction based on visits to churches in the City of London. Part 5 takes in the following: [read more...]

blog: And, Chapters 41-52 (Conclusion)

"The elements of the dinner-parties which Mrs Lennox gave, were beauty, men, and pedantic conversation. They talked in a sensuous way outside, lashed themselves when they were alone, and squandered their capabilities in the drawing-room." [read more...]

blog: And, Chapters 33-40

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"Gathering, gathering along the narrow street, came a hollow solemn blast. From each side of the door there were constant droppings. Higgins crept up carefully upon the stones, his glassy eyes, one half-open, staring upwards to the sky. Owing to the position in which he had been lying, the fore part of his head was bald." [read more...]

blog: Friday morning at the Surgery

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A short Flash "poem" about surgery work. The accompanying music was developed using Andre Michelle's lovely Tonematrix ( http://lab.andre-michelle.com/tonematrix ).


- Edward Picot

http://edwardpicot.com - personal website
http://hyperex.co.uk - The Hyperliterature Exchange

blog: London Churches, Part 4

"The Bank of England. I've never actually seen it before. Monolithic building, like a ziggurat. Staring blank walls, fortress-like. Two grey-haired bearded men in black overcoats, polished black shoes, pacing the pavement, side by side, both smoking cigars, deep in conversation. Incredible: like something out of the 1920s. Grey-haired men with cigars, controlling the economy."

The fourth part of a hyperfiction based on visits to churches in the City of London. Part 4 takes in the following:

St Stephen Walbrook [read more...]

blog: Schoolboy Daze

Nightingale's Playground image

New on The Hyperliterature Exchange and Furtherfield for February 2011 - a review of Andy Campbell's four-part digital mystery-story, "Nightingale's Playground", which appeared online last year. [read more...]

blog: And, Chapters 25-32

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"They heard Dixon's foot. A stern thought compressed her brows, and set her teeth. It was Dixon's measured tread. They heard her walk."

Continuing the abridged version of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South - abridged on the principle of leaving out all the important bits. The sinister Dixon may or may not be dead. The long-awaited Frederick arrives at last, only to be no more spoken of. Margaret fancies porters.


- Edward Picot

http://edwardpicot.com - personal website [read more...]

blog: Not-so-silly Millie: An appreciation of Millie Niss

Newly co-published by Furtherfield and The Hyperliterature Exchange: an appreciation of Millie Niss, the writer and new media artist, who died in November of last year. [read more...]

blog: London Churches, Part 2

"Coffee stall by the front entrance. People drinking coffee in the shade of a tree. More or less everyone in suits. Business coffee-break. Giles, meet me at half-two, outside the church, for a power-espresso. Stockbrokers, financiers, commodity-dealers. I don't do tangibles, I do invisibles, I'm into futures, that's where the big money is. Right in front of the church steps. If Jesus were to pay an unexpected visit, I wonder if he'd knock their tables over?" [read more...]

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