Refers to techniques used to generate indexes of words in a text, including concording.

eventresources: Large Scale Manuscript Digitization

Report from the workshop organized by Peter Robinson, Institute of Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing, Birmingham University, and Marilyn Deegan, Centre of Computing in the Humanities, King's College London (5 June 2006). [read more...]

eventresources: Historical Text Mining

Report from the Methods Network workshop organized by Paul Rayson, Lancaster University and Dawn Archer, University of Central Lancashire, 20 -21 July 2006. [read more...]

eventresources: Word Frequency and Keyword Extraction

Report from the Methods Network seminar hosted by Tony McEnery, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University (8 September 2005).

Word frequency has come to prominence as the availability of corpora has grown. Word frequency, and a focus upon relative word frequency through keyword analysis, are enabled by the availability of large quantities of machine readable text and appropriate searching software. However the approach to word frequency has changed in recent years to become more central to linguistic theory and to various applications of linguistics. [read more...]

eventresources: Digital Tools Development for the Arts and Humanities

Report from the workgroup organized by the Methods Network, King's College London, 15 June 2006.

This significant Methods Network workgroup identified and addressed a series of key strategic issues, following this with an arts and humanities tools 'wishlist'. The workgroup was attended by senior academics from a range of arts and humanities disciplines, each with considerable experience in the development, support and implementation of projects focusing on the development of digital tools.

eventresources: Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature

Report from the Methods Network workshop organized by the Oxford Text Archive, Oxford University, 17-18 May 2006

The workshop aimed to disseminate advanced methods in linguistic analysis using linguistic corpora to researchers in literary studies. [read more...]

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