Manual input and transcription

project: A Bilingual On-line Bibliography of Welsh-English Literary Translations

" is the first comprehensive listing of Welsh-English literary translation from its beginnings in the eighteenth century to the present day. [read more]

project: Sociolinguistics of Standardisation of English in Ireland

"The main objective of the Sociolinguistics of Standardisation of English in Ireland project has been to use Ireland as a test case by which to investigate questions such as: * How far do national varieties of standard English conform to international standards, and how far to they reflect local cultural and political conditions? * How far does standardisation eliminate socially significant variation? * How far are national Englishes distinct, identifiable codes which are separate from each other? * What is the role of political borders in conditioning standard English ac [read more]

project: Stone in Archaeology: towards a digital resource

"The 'Stone in Archaeology - Towards a Digital Resource' project is based on the large archaeological comparative rock collection housed in the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton. The main aim of the project has been to create an easily accessible, unique, multidisciplinary, searchable relational database which comprises the principal stones known to be used in antiquity throughout England. This database allows the identification of stone samples by searching on the distinctive physical properties of a stone. [read more]

project: Project to Digitise the Archive of the Independent Local Radio (ILR) Programme Sharing Scheme

"This project is now complete and the entire Programme Sharing Archive, consisting of 1,570 quarter-inch analogue audio tapes has been digitised. This archive is a unique record of a key time in the history of British commercial radio, in danger of being obliterated forever as the oxide on the original tapes progressively degenerates. [read more]

project: Creating a place-name database in Wales: computerization of the Melville Richards Place-name Archive

The intention is to produce the first ever place-name dictionary dedicated to Wales. [read more]

project: The Italic Epigraphy Project: Text and Monument

Based at the Institute of Classical Studies, London, and funded by a major grant over three years from the Arts and Humanities Research Board, the project aims to place in the hands of scholars the primary evidence both for the texts of the inscriptions of the peoples of Central Italy and for the monumental and archaeological context of these inscriptions. [read more]

project: The British Contribution to Series A/ii of Repertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM)

This catalogue enables you to search for music manuscripts from the 17th and 18th centuries preserved in national, public, and academic libraries in the U.K., in county and city archives, and in cathedral and chapel libraries. It also includes details of music manuscripts held in some Dublin libraries. Its eventual aim is to provide a single access point for music manuscripts of the 17th and 18th centuries in the UK and Ireland. [read more]

project: An electronic corpus of medieval Welsh prose

"Medieval Welsh prose survives in some eighty manuscripts produced between 1250 and 1450. The corpus contains law texts, historical, religious, medical and grammatical works, narrative tales translated from Latin and French and, of course, the tales of the Mabinogion. This project aims to transcribe material from the period c.1350-1450 and to present it to the world on a searchable CD-ROM. Transcribing began in 1999. [read more]

project: Privately-owned English urban manuscripts, 1300-1476: a database

"The project aims to address the following questions: * who were the private owners of books in late-medieval towns? * what did their books contain? * who produced them? * was there a distinctive urban literate culture? The answers to these questions will be presented in the form of a database which will provide for the first time a resource for the systematic study of the literate culture of English townspeople, lay and clerical, in the late Middle Ages. The results will be published in the form of a searchable web-based database. [read more]

project: The Material Renaissance:Costs and Consumption in Italy 1300-1650

"The project explored: • The comparative prices of different types of goods in Italy over both time and place • The market for domestic goods such as food and clothing • The market for objects now considered 'art', particularly panel paintings, metalwork and antiquities The project aimed to investigate whether the relationship between the marketplace and individual or institutional artistic patronage changed between the 14th and the 17th centuries. [read more]
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