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project: The British Book Trade Index on the Web

The British Book Trade Index is a computerised index of the names, brief biographical and trade details of all those who worked in the English and Welsh book trades and were at work before 1852. It includes not only printers, publishers and booksellers but also stationers, papermakers, engravers, auctioneers, ink-makers, pen and quill sellers, etc., so that the trade may be studied in the context of allied trades. BBTI began in 1983 and in 2002, at the beginning of the AHRB-funded BBTI on The Web Project, it contained c.70,000 records, each of 25 fields. [read more]

project: English Monastic Archives: Access and Analysis

The project aims to provide a powerful tool for research on medieval English history by analysing documents generated by English monasteries with the help of databases. The questions the project addressed are: What properties (manors, churches and chapels) did each monastery own? How many monastic properties can be found in each county, and which houses, of which orders, owned them? What genres of documents did monasteries produce? How many documents in each genre have survived? Where are they to be found? How many documents of each type did each individual monastery produce? [read more]

project: Christianisation and state-formation in Northern and Central Europe c.900-c.1200

We analysed the connection between religious change (Christianisation) and political change (the development of centralised power) in Scandinavia, Central Europe and Rus'. In all these areas the final conversion to Christianity was initiated from above. Yet there were also significant differences between the regions in how Christianisation and monarchy were linked. We composed a detailed questionnaire and included history, archaeology and art history in our analysis. Our aims were to compare the various areas, looking at both the primary sources and the national literature. [read more]

project: Conservation, cataloguing and indexing of journals held as part of the EMap archive

To catalogue and index the collection of British Trade journals and related ephemera which make up the EMap archive. Publishing the index of the articles and making them available through the Voyager database means that researchers anywhere within the world, with access to the internet, can discover what volumes and information are available within the archive and make an appointment to use them there or seek out the relevant volumes in other collections. [read more]

project: Urban waterfront geoarchaeology in the Netherlands and the UK: a comparison

The objectives of the project were: 1. To test the applicability of models of urban (waterfront) site formation and post-depositional modification developed in the UK in a wider north-west European context. If the models are applicable, to use them to interpret urban waterfront sequences in Utrecht, if not to produce new models for the town and other Dutch cities. 2. [read more]

project: The Baltic Ceramic Market c. 1200-1600: Hanseatic Trade and Cultural Exchange

This study concerns an analysis of multivariate data collected during an archaeological survey of the Hanseatic ceramic market in the Baltic between c. 1200 and 1600. The archaeological distribution of imported ceramic wares forms not only a measure of commercial and technological exchange between western Europe and Scandinavia, Fennoscandia and the eastern Baltic region but also of the spread of Hanseatic domestic practices to communities living on the very edge of the European cultural orbit, particularly in the spheres of dining ritual, heating technology and interior decoration. [read more]

project: Verbum: the old Latin translation of the gospel of John

The outcome of the project is an edition of the Old Latin manuscripts of John which will replaced the existing Matzkow-Jülicher-Aland volume (1963), to be published electronically in the first instance, and later as an edition of John, with a full apparatus criticus containing the patristic citations in the definitive Institut-Vetus Latina series. The project, freestanding in itself, is also complementary to the International Greek New Testament Project. [read more]

project: European Critical Heritage : The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe

The Research Project documents fully the Continental reception of major British and Irish writers including Virginia Woolf, Lawrence Sterne, Jonathan Swift, Lord Byron, Jane Austen, Walter Scott, Henry James, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, each of whom made powerful and innovatory contributions to a genre and style that came to dominate modern literature. [read more]

project: The British archaeological expedition to the ancient emporium at Vetren-Pistiros, central Bulgaria

The project consists of preliminary geophysical prospection (1999-2001), a programme of limited excavation (30 sq metres), accompanied by faunal, organic, and metallurgical analyses (1999-2008), whose aim is to create a continuous, dated sequence of activities at the late Iron Age river port at Adjiyska Vodenitsa, near Vetren, plausibly identified with ancient Pistiros. This abandoned site, inundated by the River Maritsa in the second century BCE, provides a unique opportunity to study the symptoms of economic and cultural exchange between southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean at a tim [read more]

project: The Court of Chivalry and the Defence of Honour in England, 1633 - 1641

The aim of this project is to calendar and make available to a wider public the records of the Court of Chivalry in Charles I's reign. The records contain a wealth of detail about the attitudes and assumptions of the nobles and gentry and the quarrels they engaged in to defend their honour. The analysis explores these attitudes and investigates the impact of the court on the social and political life of England ont he ev of civil war. [read more]
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