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project: The origin and spread of Neolithic plant economies in the Near East and Europe

The nature of the processes by which the economic and cultural elements regarded as Neolithic spread from the Near East across Europe continues to be the subject of much debate, despite or perhaps because of the lack of detailed information about what those elements were and how they differed from region to region. [read more]

project: ICTGuides

The ICTGuides project is now incorporated within this project ( Two developments gave birth to the ICTGuides database: an increase in the use of ICT in arts and humanities research and an awareness that information on how ICT is used in arts-humanities research is not readily available online. [read more]

project: Adolphe Appia at Hellerau: Virtual Reconstructions and performances

Using both photographs of historic settings and original designs, virtual reality models were created of Appia's "rhythmic spaces", and their lighting and other properties. Mixed reality performance technology was used to integrate both video footage and live action into these virtual settings. In addition, a highly detailed VR model of the Hellerau Festspielhaus, where some of Appia's designs were realised for innovative performance, was created. Then, using historic photographs, sets recorded in archive photos were placed into the great hall at Hellerau, and lit under various conditions. [read more]

project: Fontes Anglo-Saxonici

Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England is intended to identify all written sources which were incorporated, quoted, translated or adapted anywhere in English or Latin texts which were written in Anglo-Saxon England (i.e. England to 1066), or by Anglo-Saxons in other countries. The material is compiled in the form of a database which analyses each Anglo-Saxon text passage by passage, sentence by sentence or, if necessary, phrase by phrase, identifying the probable source-passages used for each particular segment. [read more]

project: The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool: electronic catalogue of its archive and associated developments

The project is archiving material from the Everyman Theatre in order to create an online electronic archive and ensure material is available for researchers. It is the aim of the project to provide a working research resource for theatre professionals, academics, students, and any parties interested in the Everyman Theatre or the development of English Regional Theatre. [read more]

project: Acta of King Henry I

This project aims to create a critical edition of the acta of King Henry I of England, and so provide a fundamental research tool for the history of the central middle ages whose absence has been lamented for decades past. The edition will integrate with the texts the contextual information on government and local affairs essential to the interpretation of the documents, and will provide a diplomatic analysis of the acta illuminating their form and use. It will therefore allow more informed and sophisticated use of the texts by non-specialists than has previously been possible. [read more]

project: British town maps, 1470-1895: a catalogue and cartographical analysis

The aim was to produce for England, Wales and Scotland a catalogue of the cartographic characteristics and topographic content of every manuscript and printed town map produced from 1470 (the first British town map) to 1895 (by which time publication of Ordnance Survey large-scale town maps was completed). The catalogue will constitute a definitive, permanent research tool for a wide range of historical research users. This last will contribute to the long-term conservation of these, often fragile, artefacts. [read more]

project: Royal Historical Society Bibliographies on British and Irish History

The Royal Historical Society Bibliography of British and Irish history is a database containing over 400,000 bibliographical records relating to British and Irish history, and to the British and Irish abroad, at all periods for which written evidence survives. The database aims to be as comprehensive as possible for publications since 1900, but includes some selected earlier material. [read more]

project: British Fiction, 1800-1829: A Database of Production, Circulation and Reception History

British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception (DBF) arises from more than fifteen years’ general research into Romantic-era British fiction, by the project director, Professor Peter Garside. The project provides a comprehensive bibliographical record of the production of fiction during the first three decades of the nineteenth century, supplemented by a variety of contextual secondary materials drawn from the period. [read more]

project: History of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama

The History of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama research project (1999-2004) operated under the aegis of the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at Oxford. It has in many ways pioneered the developing discipline of Performance Reception. It has done this by documenting as comprehensively as possible all performances worldwide of Greek and Roman drama and their adaptations between the Renaissance and the present, while hand-in-hand with that also exploring ways of interpreting those findings and that material. [read more]
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