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project: The origin and spread of Neolithic plant economies in the Near East and Europe

The nature of the processes by which the economic and cultural elements regarded as Neolithic spread from the Near East across Europe continues to be the subject of much debate, despite or perhaps because of the lack of detailed information about what those elements were and how they differed from region to region. [read more]

project: ICTGuides

The ICTGuides project is now incorporated within this project ( Two developments gave birth to the ICTGuides database: an increase in the use of ICT in arts and humanities research and an awareness that information on how ICT is used in arts-humanities research is not readily available online. [read more]

project: French Piano Repertoire 1870-1920: Faure, Debussy, Ravel and Chabrier

It's best defined by the key publications involved: Critical editions of Fauré piano works (Peters Edition, London, ongoing): the first reliable and well-commented musical text for pianists of these important works Œuvres complètes de Claude Debussy (Editions Durand, Paris, ongoing): completion of the piano works in this series (various editors including myself), and now the production of revised budget paperback offprints from these library volumes Lifting the lid on French piano music: Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, Chabrier (Yale UP, now being completed). [read more]

project: A Descriptive Catalogue of the James M. Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama

The James Madison Carpenter Collection of Traditional Song and Drama is one of the most important and extensive collections of its kind. The bulk of it comprises British material which Carpenter (1888-1983), a Harvard graduate, gathered in the period 1928-35. The remainder comprises material gathered from various parts of the USA and probably dates from immediately after this period. [read more]

project: Gendering Latin American Independence: Women's Political Culture and the Textual Construction of Gender 1790-1850

The aim is to rethink Latin American Independence in terms of gender. The project consists of three lines of enquiry: the study of women’s political culture, women’s writings, and the textual construction of gender in literary and political discourse. Research Questions: The project is a textual and historical study that investigates the ideas and activities of women who, as a social group, contributed to the making of public culture in early nineteenth-century Latin America but were largely excluded from it. [read more]

project: The Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the Theatre of Pompey

The first scientific study of Rome’s first permanent theatre. Comprehensive documentation of all surviving remains, supplemented by new limited excavation at specific points targeted by our initial analysis. Creation of a definitive series of site-plans, sections, elevations keyed to a complete photographic record, and measured drawings. We have prepared an extensive archaeological register recording the details of every known artefact discovered on the site of the theatre complex for the past five centuries. [read more]

project: French interlanguage oral corpora

Unlike first language acquisition (L1) research, which has made use of digital technologies for over 20 years to assist its research (in the shape of a powerful suite of software tools for the transcription, analysis and storage of L1 oral learner data, the CHILDES system, now used as standard), the field of second language acquisition (L2) research has been very slow in taking advantage of the new computerised technologies now available. This one-year project aimed to (1) apply and adapt the CHILDES tools to French L2 oral data, (2) to construct a database of French Learner Language Oral C [read more]

project: The Notion 'Possible Word' and its Limits: a typology of suppletion

While linguists have investigated the notions ‘possible human language’ and ‘possible sentence’, less has been done to establish the bounds of possibility for the word. As part of continuing research into inflectional morphology, we intend to explore one of these boundaries, where different inflectional forms are not related phonologically. An example is Russian čelovek ‘person’, which has the plural ljud-i, a typical instance of suppletion. Suppletion is found in many inflecting languages and involves extremely frequent words. As Carstairs-McCarthy shows, the phenomenon “increasingly ... [read more]

project: The correspondence of Aby Warburg and the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg: an electronic catalogue of the Warburg Institute archive

The Warburg Institute holds the working papers and correspondence of the Hamburg scholar Aby Warburg, as well as the papers of the institute which he founded and which still bears his name. The project is designed to provide a searchable database and catalogue of Warburg's entire correspondence (some 35,000 letters), with all proper names and major topics identified and recorded. The correspondence is important not just for the study of Warburg himself. [read more]
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