job: Digital Humanities Specialist - University Library

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Digital Humanities Specialist

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Library

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tool: Subversion Version System (SVN)

An open source version control system that is used to manage multiple versions of data objects in a controlled environment. Access and revision to objects are carefully controlled, to prevent unauthorised access and alteration.
Methods relating to this toolCategory
DocumentationStrategy and project management
Security planningStrategy and project management
Lifecycle stage:
Alternate tool(s):


tool: xMod

A tool capable of transforming a collection of TEI encoded XML records into a web site. To perform the process, the tool requires a set of valid XML files, a configuration script that indicates the relationship between files and a ‘personality pack’ (CSS and image files) that determine its visual appearance.
Methods relating to this toolCategory
General website developmentData publishing and dissemination
Text encoding - descriptiveData structuring and enhancement
Lifecycle stage:

wikipage: Developer Tools and Environments (Linguistics)

Spending any time doing research into linguistic tools reveals that an enormous amount of computational work is being carried out in many areas of the discipline, and much of this effort seems to be c [read more...]

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