V-MusT Virtual Heritage School, 10-20 September 2012, London, UK

V-MusT UK Summer School
Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London, 10-20 September 2012 [read more...]

project: E-Curator: 3D colour scans for remote object identification and assessment

The E-Curator research project "3D colour scans for remote object identification and assessment" is a project at UCL Museums and Collections. This project draws on UCL's expertise both in curatorship and in e-Science. It takes advantage of the presence at UCL of world class collections across a range of disciplines and of a state of the art colour scanner, the quality of which is unequalled in the UK. [read more]

project: Early historic landscapes and the rise of centralised states on the Mekong Delta, Cambodia

The Mekong River delta region was a hearth of early state development in SE Asia. Archaeological research at the early historic city of Angkor Borei, Cambodia, is revealing the nature of the cultural landscape, but this information is yet to be articulated with records of change and variability in the ‘natural’ landscape. [read more]

wikipage: Image Capture (Archaeology)

The capture and analysis of image data is an integral part of the archaeological process and digital applications and techniques have revolutionised methods of data gathering, no more so than with aer [read more...]

project: Masks for Menander: imaging and enactment

Combining experimental archaeology and practice-based research, the project has investigated the performance qualities and style of the masks of Greek New Comedy. Its aims have been to image in 3D selected New Comedy monuments from UK and European museums, and to conduct studio research with full-size reconstructions of the masks, scaled exactly from the 3-dimensional co-ordinates. [read more]

project: Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project

The Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project is investigating human activity across the landscape during all time periods, using intensive archaeological and geomorphological survey. TAESP is working in a broad area of the north-central Troodos mountains that includes fertile valleys and plains, copper-bearing foothills, and the northern part of the Troodos Range itself. Other than some rescue excavation of tombs, no systematic archaeological work had been done in this area, and none at all in the mountains. [read more]

project: The Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the Theatre of Pompey

The first scientific study of Rome’s first permanent theatre. Comprehensive documentation of all surviving remains, supplemented by new limited excavation at specific points targeted by our initial analysis. Creation of a definitive series of site-plans, sections, elevations keyed to a complete photographic record, and measured drawings. We have prepared an extensive archaeological register recording the details of every known artefact discovered on the site of the theatre complex for the past five centuries. [read more]
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