job: Data Quality Assurance Assistant Post at The National Archives


Job title: Data Quality Assurance Assistant

Department: Web Continuity

Reports to: Government Data Manager

Salary: £20,450 + excellent benefits

Job purpose:

You will play an important role in a dynamic team supporting the government’s initiative to encourage departments to publish more of its non-personal data to facilitate the re-use of public sector information. [read more...]

event: Preservation of New Media Art and Performance: group discussion

23/02/2010 10:30
23/02/2010 16:00

Small group discussion amongst invited participants to consider the challenges of successful preservation of new media art, digital art, and performance. We aimed to consider firstly the current situation in practice, thought and funding in this area in the UK, and then go on to identify opportunites for further research and concomitant funding.

A summary of the day's discussion is attached.

We hope to continue this conversation amongst new media art, digital art and performance practitioners, artists, researchers, collectors, curators and funders. [read more...]


Glasgow G12 8QQ
United Kingdom

event: EuroMed2010


Dedicated to Digital Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries

November 8 - 13th, 2010
Limassol, Cyprus

The EUROMED2010 joint conference will provide an opportunity to exchange research results, opinions, experiences and proposals on the best practice and hi-tech tools from Information and Communications Technology to document, archive, preserve, manage and communicate Cultural Heritage (CH). [read more...]



event: Digital Preservation – The Planets Way

19/04/2010 08:30
21/04/2010 16:30

Registration is now open for the final Planets training and outreach event, which takes place in Rome with the support of the Pontificia Università Gregoriana.

This is the final event in the series of five.

Day 1 will address the case for digital preservation, digital preservation as a risk management activity, the action that needs to be taken and introduce the Planets framework, tools and services as an integrated approach to digital preservation. Local organisations will present two case studies to show how they are preserving digital collections. [read more...]


Pontificia Università Gregoriana

event: International Symposium on XML for the Long Haul: Issues in the Long-term preservation of XML


Nearly everywhere, people who create, store, query, or serve XML expect it to live a very long time. XML is platform- and application-independent, and by and large it is platforms and applications that vanish. If by encoding information in XML we have freed it from dependency on specific platforms or applications, have we succeeded in ensuring that the XML can live long into the future?

Or is there more to it than using XML? How can we best ensure that our data, all our data, and its semantics survive this year, next year, ten years? into the next millennium? Commercial information [read more...]


1240 Drummond Street Hotel Europa
Montréal, Quebec H3G 1V7
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