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project: Tibetan visual history 1920-1950: an online resource

The Pitt Rivers Museum and the British Museum together hold extraordinarily rich, and overlapping, collections of over 6,000 historical photographs of Tibet taken between 1920 and 1950. Conceived by their photographers as a unified visual resource, the photographs chart a crucial period in Tibetan history and in Anglo-Tibetan relations. More importantly the photographs constitute a vital record of Tibetan culture destroyed since the Chinese occupation. [read more]

project: British Fiction, 1800-1829: A Database of Production, Circulation and Reception History

British Fiction, 1800–1829: A Database of Production, Circulation & Reception (DBF) arises from more than fifteen years’ general research into Romantic-era British fiction, by the project director, Professor Peter Garside. The project provides a comprehensive bibliographical record of the production of fiction during the first three decades of the nineteenth century, supplemented by a variety of contextual secondary materials drawn from the period. [read more]

project: People in Place: families, households and housing in early modern London

This project examines the crucial role of family and household in the social and economic transformations that took place in London in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Population growth, immigration, urbanisation, and commercialisation produced new patterns of sociability, gender relations, employment, and domestic lifestyle. The family was central to all these developments, but has been little studied in detail. [read more]

project: Law and Empire, AD 193-455: the Projet Volterra (2)

The general aims of the Projet Volterra (named, in association with the École Française de Rome, in honour of Edoardo Volterra (1904-1987), the distinguished scholar of Roman Law) are to promote the study of Roman legislation in its full social, political and legal context, and its continuing tradition. The area of Roman imperial legal pronouncements was identified as one in which current scholarship was less than adequately served in terms of Regesten, repertoria and bibliographical aids. [read more]

project: Cinemagazines and the projection of Britain

The project will research the history and output of British cinemagazines, weekly or monthly information films produced between 1918 and 1982. It will explore the ways in which the cinemagazine was used to construct images and reinforce values of British life, particularly films for overseas distribution. The project will add details of 25,000 cinemagazine stories to the BUFVC’s existing British Universities Newsreel Database (BUND), creating a unified record of over 185,000 items. The project will also produce a Researcher’s Guide to British Cinemagazines publication. [read more]
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