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project: PARADISEC

PARADISEC (the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures) offers a facility for digital conservation and access for endangered materials from the Pacific region, defined broadly to include Oceania and East and Southeast Asia. Our research group has developed models to ensure that the archive can provide access to interested communities, and conforms with emerging international standards for digital archiving. We have established a framework for accessioning, cataloguing and digitising audio, text and visual material, and preserving digital copies. [read more]

project: A critical edition of the Acts and Monuments by John Foxe

John Foxe’s famous ‘Book of Martyrs’ is a foundation text for the English Reformation. Its vision has profoundly influenced English culture. This project completes the task of making the whole of Foxe’s text available in an innovative on-line edition in which specialists and non-specialists alike can appreciate the ways in which Foxe sought to counter his critics, absorb new materials, and justify the protestant reformation to his contemporaries. In Books 1-9, Foxe put this reformation into its deeper historical, ecclesiastical and theological perspective. [read more]

project: Palaeopathology and the origins and evolution of horse husbandry

A collaborative, interdisciplinary project, rooted in archaeology and employing veterinary science to identify osteological differences between riding, traction and free-living horses, resulting from their different life-ways, in order to further our understanding of the origins and evolution of horse husbandry. Two analytical methods are employed: 1) A detailed comparative study of skeletons from a wide range of sources, both modern and ancient. We are examining samples from 3 populations of modern horses (free-living Exmoor ponies, Lithuanian draught horses, and riding ponies. [read more]
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