Sound encoding

Refers to the transformation of sound signals into a defined data structure

eventresources: The Future of Information Technology in Music Research and Practice

Report on the Methods Network workshop run by Dave Meredith, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 8 September 2006.

The goals of this workshop were:

  • To identify worthwhile goals for future inter-disciplinary projects involving collaboration between technologists and music researchers and practitioners.
  • To raise awareness among leading music researchers and practitioners of the ways in which technology can (and cannot) be used to improve musical research and practice.

eventresources: Virtual Audio and Past Environments: Audio and Acoustics in Heritage Applications

Report on the Methods Network workshop organized by Damian Murphy, University of York (17 March 2008).

A one-day workshop to explore multi-disciplinary approaches to audio, acoustics, and sound design, and to discover how current techniques and research might be applied specifically to heritage and related applications. [read more...]

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