project: An electronic corpus of 15th century Castilian cancionero manuscripts; towards completion of the Dutton project

When Brian Dutton died prematurely in his 60th year (1994), he had completed his magnum opus, the seven-volume El cancionero castellano del siglo XV, in book format (Salamanca: Universidad, 1990-91), but although he had used electronic preparation of texts, he was unable to fulfil the dream of conversion to electronic usage. We can now present the online website version of the Dutton project of courtly verse, alongside our own project of the longer moralistic, didactic and religious Castilian verse of the fifteenth century. [read more]

project: TEXTvre

TEXTvre will support the complete lifecycle of research in e-humanities textual studies by providing researchers with advanced services to process and analyse research texts that are held in formally managed, metadata-rich institutionally-based repositories. [read more]

project: Jonathan Swift Archive

The Jonathan Swift Archive makes available a searchable, digitized collection of texts of Swift’s prose from a great variety of early editions. The texts collected in the archive are documentary transcriptions of Swift's writings as they appear in their original printed editions. The aim has been to include first editions, and, wherever there has been authorial correction, emendation, revision, or alteration to the text in subsequent lifetime editions, to add transcriptions of these later witnesses. [read more]

eventresources: Historical Text Mining

Report from the Methods Network workshop organized by Paul Rayson, Lancaster University and Dawn Archer, University of Central Lancashire, 20 -21 July 2006. [read more...]

event: Text Mining for Historians


Texts are central to historical research and an increasing body of historical texts are becoming available in electronic format. [read more...]

project: Acta of King Henry I

This project aims to create a critical edition of the acta of King Henry I of England, and so provide a fundamental research tool for the history of the central middle ages whose absence has been lamented for decades past. The edition will integrate with the texts the contextual information on government and local affairs essential to the interpretation of the documents, and will provide a diplomatic analysis of the acta illuminating their form and use. It will therefore allow more informed and sophisticated use of the texts by non-specialists than has previously been possible. [read more]
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