project: Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech (SCOTS)

SCOTS uses computer technology and the web to bring a unique electronic collection of Scots and Scottish English texts to scholars and the public. The resource contains written and spoken material, the latter with online audio/video clips, stored in a database along with extensive metadata. Linguists can investigate where particular words and phrases are used, and by whom. Displayed alongside the texts is a range of information about authors and speakers, so that it is possible to search for, e.g., “audio clips featuring Ayrshire women under 40”. [read more]

project: Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project

The Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project is investigating human activity across the landscape during all time periods, using intensive archaeological and geomorphological survey. TAESP is working in a broad area of the north-central Troodos mountains that includes fertile valleys and plains, copper-bearing foothills, and the northern part of the Troodos Range itself. Other than some rescue excavation of tombs, no systematic archaeological work had been done in this area, and none at all in the mountains. [read more]

project: Tibetan visual history 1920-1950: an online resource

The Pitt Rivers Museum and the British Museum together hold extraordinarily rich, and overlapping, collections of over 6,000 historical photographs of Tibet taken between 1920 and 1950. Conceived by their photographers as a unified visual resource, the photographs chart a crucial period in Tibetan history and in Anglo-Tibetan relations. More importantly the photographs constitute a vital record of Tibetan culture destroyed since the Chinese occupation. [read more]

project: The Bentham Project

The Bentham Project, part of UCL's Faculty of Laws, is preparing a new authoritative edition of The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham, which is being published by Oxford University Press. The twenty-sixth volume to be published will appear in 2005. It is anticipated that, when complete, the edition will run to sixty-eight volumes. Each volume contains an Editorial Introduction, full annotation, and comprehensive name and subject indexes. [read more]

project: Silchester insula IX

The project's aim is the capture, storage and manipulation of data from a long-term archaeological excavation (1997 and continuing) of insula ix of the Iron Age and Roman town of Silchester, Hampshire (Calleva Atrebatum). The data comprise a variety of linked excavation and finds records which are stored on the Integrated Archaeological Database (IADB). The latter is a key tool for the post-excavation analysis of this complex, stratified site for which publication is planned in both printed and web-based formats. [read more]

project: South Cadbury Environs Project

The project is a multiperiod survey of the landscape within a 64 sq km centred on the Iron Age and Post Roman hillfort of Cadbury Castle, Somerset. Sampling localities and transects cover approximately 11 sq km of the study area. The principal survey techniques have been gradiometry, test and shovel pitting, the first two applied uniformly over all target areas, the latter were soil conditions are suitable. [read more]

project: Latin American Art: an on-line research resource

The aim has been to make the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art (UECLAA) available as a fully illustrated online catalogue. We began by developing a database that would facilitate management of the collection, integrating the full illustrated catalogue with mailing lists, contact and biographical details for artists, details of copyright agreements and other reports forms (records of donation etc), and information about the current location of a work of art etc. [read more]

project: London's Past Online: a bibliography of Greater London's history

London's Past Online aims to provide a free, searchable online database of books, articles and other published material relating to the Greater London area from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day. The work was undertaken by a research team based at the Centre for Metropolitan History. Core data was taken from Heather Creaton's 'Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to 1939' (LAPL, 1994) and its unpublished supplement, and the bibliography from her 'Sources for the History of London 1939-45' (BRA, 1998). [read more]

project: Improving access to the British artists' film & video study collection

Part of the AHRB Centre for British Film and Television Studies, the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection concentrates on the history of artists' film and video in Britain. The British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection is a unique resource. It consists of a number of extensive collections of material with acquisitions from Arts Council of England, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Film and Video Umbrella and many individual artists. [read more]

project: A database for provenance research of Chinese works of art, piloting the Burrell Collection

The outcome of the project is a compilation of sources for provenance research of Chinese works of art, for use by institutions and researchers. Using The Burrell Collection in Glasgow as a pilot, the project documents records relating to dealers and collectors who specialised in Chinese art during the first half of the twentieth century. The Burrell Collection can be seen as a paradigm for the collecting of Chinese art during the early twentieth century. [read more]
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