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project: Inscriptions of Aphrodisias project

The aim is to publish as many as possible of the Greek inscriptions from Aphrodisias in Caria online, in order both to provide far fuller documentation than a book allows, and to meet the problems of the dissemination of expensive publications. In so doing, we aim to develop and establish technological standards (using TEI compliant XML) which other epigraphers can use; we are trying to discuss the project with as many experts as possible, in the UK, US and Europe. We plan to develop protocols not only for the final presentation of material, but also for collaborative editing and work online [read more]

project: French interlanguage oral corpora

Unlike first language acquisition (L1) research, which has made use of digital technologies for over 20 years to assist its research (in the shape of a powerful suite of software tools for the transcription, analysis and storage of L1 oral learner data, the CHILDES system, now used as standard), the field of second language acquisition (L2) research has been very slow in taking advantage of the new computerised technologies now available. This one-year project aimed to (1) apply and adapt the CHILDES tools to French L2 oral data, (2) to construct a database of French Learner Language Oral C [read more]

project: The Old Bailey Online, 1674-1834

The Old Bailey Proceedings form one of the largest bodies of published text ever created, detailing the lives and experiences of non-elite people. Containing 25 million words of text, they record the evidence given at and outcome of 100,000 trials held at the Old Bailey. This project has created a searchable text-base, that can be used for free text searching, structured searching of marked-up text, and statistical analysis. [read more]
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