Text encoding - presentational

Refers to the addition of character and symbols at certain places in a text in order to convey information about its visual appearance.

event: TEI@20: 20 Years of Supporting the Digital Humanities

01/11/2007 08:00
03/11/2007 17:00

Three days of invited speakers, panels, presentations, poster sessions, software and tools demonstrations, special interest group meetings, plus the TEI business meeting and elections. There will also be one day of pre-meeting workshops.

University of Maryland Libraries, University of Maryland, College Park, just outside of Washington, D.C. [read more...]

briefingpaper: Digital Tools and Electronic Texts

The principle areas that this paper will focus on are the digital tools and techniques that have been developed to acquire, process, analyze and present text in digital formats. [read more...]

briefingpaper: Digital Tools for Linguistics

In addition to sections introducing the discipline and computational approaches relating to it, this paper includes sections on corpus linguistics, knowledge-based systems and developer tools and environments. [read more...]

wikipage: Music Critical Editions (Music)

In tackling some of the issues that are currently being discussed in the realm of musicology, many other potential avenues of enquiry are opened up and opportunities for cross-disciplinary engagement [read more...]

wikipage: Annotation and Representation Tools (Music)

Sheet music notation as constructed out of clefs, staves, bars and notes is a highly effective distillation of the idea of a musical work but is seriously limited in terms of what it can faithfully re [read more...]

event: Collaborative Text Editing


This lecture will be simultaneously webcast and available on demand after the event.


Gabriel Bodard, King's College London [read more...]

event: Text Mining for Historians


Texts are central to historical research and an increasing body of historical texts are becoming available in electronic format. [read more...]

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