Texture design and mapping

The production and wrapping of a texture image onto an object to create a realistic representation of the object in 3D space

centre: Digital Design Studio (DDS)

About the centre:

The Digital Design Studio (DDS) is a postgraduate research and commercial centre of Glasgow School of Art. Its intense learning and research environment exploits the interface between science, technology and the arts to explore imaginative and novel uses of advanced 3D digital visualisation and interaction technologies. Research activity at the DDS is underpinned by one and two year masters degrees and a growing PhD community. The DDS is dedicated to developing ways in which people can engage and interact with data and emerging digital visualisation systems.

event: From Abstract Data Mapping to 3D Photorealism: Understanding Emerging Intersections in Visualisation Practices


Visualisation CollageVisualisation CollageResearchers in arts and humanities, social sciences, scientific and engineering communities are generating, and accessing via grid and other networked technologies, ever increasing amounts of complex data. In turn, the analysis and presentation, or the enabling of real-time collaboration on such data and its constructed models, relies increasingly on visualization techniques and environments. [read more...]

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