event: On-demand Virtual Research Environments: a case study from the Humanities

23/07/2010 16:30

Digital Classicist and Institute of Classical Studies Seminar 2010

On-demand Virtual Research Environments: a case study from the Humanities

Mike Priddy (King’s College London)

http://www.digitalclassicist.org/wip/wip2010-07mp.html [read more...]


Senate House room STB9, Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU
United Kingdom

blog: Virtual Research Environment Landscape study - report available

Researchers increasingly use the Internet to communicate, collaborate and share information and data - particularly in projects that cross institutions, countries and, in some cases, even continents. Academic institutions are evaluating or deploying information management systems that facilitate sharing of expertise and collaboration among their staff and provide support for project management. [read more...]

blog: Leaping Hurdles: Planning IT Provision for Researchers

I recently attended a workshop sponsored by the Joint information Systems Committee (JISC) that presented some of the findings from the JISC funded community engagement and virtual research environmen [read more...]

The Internet as Playground and Factory

(Hi all, this conference about labour online may be of interest to members of this group. There is an associated discussion list; see the Institute of Distributed Creativity. [read more...]

blog: Call for Papers: Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture

Editors Brent Nelson (University of Saskatchewan) and Melissa Terras (University College London) invite submissions for a collection of essays on "Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture" to be published in the New Technologies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies Series edited by Ray Siemens and William Bowen. [read more...]

event: Building a Virtual Humanities Collaboratory


Held at Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and
Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge University.

A Virtual Research Environment (VRE), or collaboratory, promises to
bring together tools and resources for Humanities researchers. The
exponential increase in online resources and online collaboration, the
range of new online tools for creating and mining many different kinds [read more...]

casestudy: Virtual Vellum

The Virtual Vellum project provides distributed access to research-quality digitisations of folios from the Chronicles of Jean Froissart, the principal historical source for the first phase of the 100 Years War between England and France. Images are digitally photographed and stored as TIFFs. [read more...]

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