EPOCH Tools (Museums and Cultural Heritage)

EPOCH (The European Research Network of Excellence in Open Cultural Heritage - http://www.epoch-net.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=v...)is an important starting point for investigating the use of ICT tools in the cultural sector. The members of this network include academic and commercial organizations from all over Europe and computing science and engineering departments feature alongside heritage pressure groups. Of particular interest in the present context is a long list of tools that EPOCH has gathered together, the stated aim of which is to provide ‘one-stop access to all the software available for ICT applications to tangible Cultural Heritage.’

The matrix that provides an index to the tools list also usefully maps out the various activities that demand engagement with ICT tools. The X axis refers to methodologies and the Y axis to processes that take place in the course of undertaking MCH related work. The squares of the grid hyperlink to individual items on the list which range from fairly straightforward mono-functional tools such as Sayz Me (a free text-to-speech reader that will help users with accessibility issues) to very high end suites of tools such as MultiGen-Paradigm, a collection of applications enabling very large scale virtual environments to be created which is also interoperable with other applications such as the widely used ArcView GIS package.

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