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wikipage: e-Science Methods (Archaeology)

The final reference in this paper is a relatively new focus for the arts and humanities, namely the use of grid computing and e-science related methods, themes which have particular relevance for subj [read more...]

wikipage: Visualization (History)

Charles Joseph Minard’s visualization of the Napoleonic Army’s advance and subsequent retreat from Russia in the 1812-13 campaign is widely cited as one of the most effective graphical depictions [read more...]

wikipage: XML and Related Methods (Archaeology)

Recent convergence between relational database systems and XML related methods has led to increasing interest in using XML to publish data from database systems and for databases to be used to store a [read more...]

wikipage: Image Capture (Archaeology)

The capture and analysis of image data is an integral part of the archaeological process and digital applications and techniques have revolutionised methods of data gathering, no more so than with aer [read more...]

wikipage: Google Earth (Archaeology)

Scott Madry from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, presented a paper at CAA2006 (Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods for Archaeology) which summarised some of his very successf [read more...]

wikipage: Remote Sensing (Archaeology)

Remote Sensing is the term used for the technique of gathering images using equipment that is at some degree removed from the subject matter and therefore covers a very wide range of techniques for an [read more...]

wikipage: GIS - Geographic Information System (Archaeology)

It has been proposed that rather than being classified as a ‘tool’, GIS might more accurately be labelled a sub-discipline in its own right, complete with its own competing methodologies and camps [read more...]

wikipage: CAD - computer aided design (Archaeology)

Originally developed for architectural and engineering purposes, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software is now used in a multitude of disciplines and integrates seamlessly with the archaeological point [read more...]

wikipage: Visualization (Archaeology)

Though difficult to refer to as a discreet area of activity, visualization might best be understood as the method by which archaeological ideas can be effectively communicated to their target audience [read more...]

wikipage: Stratigraphic Analysis (Archaeology)

Overlapping with geological research, tools in this area assist with the creation and viewing of representations of drill-cores and the type of layering that would be seen in trenches and outcrops.