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wikipage: Linguistics and Computational Methods (Linguistics)

The field of linguistics draws heavily on computational approaches and is a field where programming skills and high levels of technical expertise are common. [read more...]

wikipage: Corpus Linguistics (Linguistics)

In many cases, discussion of tools development within the context of linguistics takes for granted the principle that those tools will have suitable datasets to interact with, process and/or analyze. [read more...]

wikipage: Knowledge-Based Systems (Linguistics)

If the construction of corpora is the main method by which statistical methods can be applied to the various problems of linguistics research, there is clearly a need to also examine a knowledge-based [read more...]

wikipage: Developer Tools and Environments (Linguistics)

Spending any time doing research into linguistic tools reveals that an enormous amount of computational work is being carried out in many areas of the discipline, and much of this effort seems to be c [read more...]

wikipage: Field Linguistics (Linguistics)

There is also an abundance of resources available for those involved with using and developing ‘field linguistics’ tools, which generally means that the resources are geared towards the capture, a [read more...]

wikipage: Stochastic Methods (Linguistics)

The early development of stochastic (mathematical and statistical) methods of analysing information have had a profound influence on more recent initiatives to deal with the prodigious amount of infor [read more...]