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wikipage: Annotation (Art History)

Annotation in this context does not refer to textual markup procedures (i.e XML and its variants), but should be understood as providing a way for scholars to relate a thought or an idea to a particular area of an image or a piece of writing, in a number of different ways. [read more...]

wikipage: Access Grid (Art History)

Taking the idea of scholarly collaboration and interaction one stage further, an important development that is gaining ground in the context of the arts and humanities is the use of the Access Grid. It is often included as a component of the procedures and tools variously known as e-Science, Grid Computing or Research Computing, but it can in fact be comfortably isolated from those concepts for the purposes of clarity. [read more...]

wikipage: Collaborative Spaces and Dissemination Tools (Art History)

It is clear that researchers now have more ways than ever before of reaching out to their respective communities and receiving feedback. Wider adoption of voice over IP telephony systems such as Skype, Instant Messenger and iChat clearly create new possibilities for collaborative work whilst the increasing prevalence of wiki and blog based initiatives for projects will undoubtedly help researchers to formulate new modes of working. [read more...]

wikipage: Computational Methods (Art History)

The range of potential disciplines that art history can look to for help and guidance in the use of technology is encouraging and is much wider than the small sample of examples that are cited in this collection of wiki articles. [read more...]

wikipage: Image Acquisition (Art History)

Turning to what is perhaps the most significant application of technology to art historical research, the processes of image capture and storage are potentially where the largest gains could be observ [read more...]

wikipage: The Corpus Approach (Art History)

The amassing of detail and the application of a variety of methods has resonances with the type of approach favoured by those working with corpus information and in particular with linguistics researc [read more...]