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wikipage: Music, Audio, Graphics, Lights and Effects (Performance)

One of the most widely used tools across the performing arts is Max/MSP developed by Cycling ’74 which is a graphical programming environment for music, audio and multimedia. It works on the principle that users manipulate ’objects’ that represent actions and entities and when these are moved around into different sequences, the embedded code moves with the objects. [read more...]

wikipage: CAD - computer aided design (Archaeology)

Originally developed for architectural and engineering purposes, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software is now used in a multitude of disciplines and integrates seamlessly with the archaeological point [read more...]

wikipage: Visualization (Archaeology)

Though difficult to refer to as a discreet area of activity, visualization might best be understood as the method by which archaeological ideas can be effectively communicated to their target audience [read more...]