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wikipage: Computational Methods (Art History)

The range of potential disciplines that art history can look to for help and guidance in the use of technology is encouraging and is much wider than the small sample of examples that are cited in this collection of wiki articles. [read more...]

wikipage: The Cast (Performance)

Starting with an early and influential piece of software, LifeForms from Credo Interactive was used by Merce Cunningham in 1989 to choreograph dance movements prior to working with real dancers in a studio environment. The animated figures that were capable of being rendered at this early stage of development were built up using hooped lines to represent head trunk and limbs, but were nonetheless effective enough for Cunningham to visualize specific and complex actions, some of which (he was pleased to discover) were impossible for dancers to emulate. [read more...]

wikipage: The Performance Space (Performance)

Of all the different ways of interpreting this concept, perhaps the most immediately practical application of digital tools is the widespread use of CAD (computer aided design) packages to assist designers with visualizing performance spaces prior to the costly task of purchasing materials and paying for construction costs. Borrowed originally from the engineering and architectural sectors, commercial packages such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Vectorworks are all sophisticated fully featured 2D and 3D spatial and object design systems. [read more...]